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Arcus is a leading research and strategy management consulting firm. Our focus is on helping clients manage their most challenging problems related to growth, organization and operations.


Arcus growth organization operations service modelWe understand that clients want small, nimble consulting teams of seasoned people who have years of knowledge and experience at their management consulting firm. And they want practical, highly targeted information and insights to address their needs.




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Featured insights

Retail Banking Industry Canada SurveyThe most connected holiday shopping season – ever. Key Trends and projections for the 2015 holiday shopping season in Canada. Shopping decisions are made faster and in more places than ever before. Three new trends to watch: micro-moments, omni-channel integration and mobile search.  Read more.



Trust index

The Key to Unlocking your Team’s Potential: Build Trust. Arcus surveyed 218 CEOs recently to understand the key drivers of trust in organizations and its impact on employee loyalty, motivation, performance and culture. Read more.



Susan Wolburgh Jenah

Finding the Right Balance between Risk Management and Innovation. An Interview with Ms. Susan Wolburgh Jenah, Corporate Director and Senior Advisor, Aird & Berlis LLP on improving Board Performance in Canada. Ms.Wolburgh Jenah is a distinguished leader and expert in the Canadian securities industry. She was President and CEO of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC). Read more.


women workplaceHarnessing the potential of women in the workplace: Arcus surveyed over 500 senior executives – 365 women and 283 men for views on progress being made towards a balanced work place and the associated impact on productivity and innovation. The survey yielded some intriguing insights. Read more.


Dirk MillerSiemens on R&D and Growth Strategy: Mr. Dirk Miller, VP, Siemens. says investments in research and development can be an effective growth strategy for companies today. Read more.


Jim Leech, President and CEO, As head of the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan

The overriding lesson from the financial crisis: A viewpoint from Mr. Jim Leech, Ex. President and CEO of Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, with $129.5B in net assets. There are several relevant ideas for business in this interview. Read more.

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Recent contributions:

  • A survey of 2,350 consumers and 1,320 business leaders for feedback on
    sustainability trends
  • Architecting a multi-year change strategy for a Fortune 500 company
  • Mentoring a CEO on organizational change
  • Excellence transformation of a leading B2B services company
  • Creating a new sales deployment model for a healthcare company
  • Developing a position evaluation and compensation model for a professional medical association   
  • Improving services to customer segments by deepening their understanding of customer attitudes


“Needless to say, there are many firms that provide research and strategy consulting services, but few can deliver the value demonstrated in performing the scope of analysis, strategies, product evaluations and practical recommendations. Your commitment and ease of doing business with your firm ensured that we had a sound basis to address our most challenging business decisions.” – Mr. Peter Flattery, CEO, Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada

As a leading Management consulting firm in Toronto, we deliver measurable results.

Industry and Functional Expertise Insights from Innovative leaders:  Executives share a view point on challenges and opportunities faced by their peers. Contact Arcus to participate in this series of leadership interviews. Learn more about our research and strategy consulting services.


Featured research and insights

Our experience sets us apart. Our consultants have an average of 22 years experience, twice the industry average. Below is a small sample of our insights and client successes. Click on the links on the left to learn more about how we can help you leverage best practices in your sector in areas such as change management, market research, strategy planning, HR and growth.


Growth  and Strategy


scenario planning

Scenario Planning – an underutilized Strategy Tool. Why scenario planning is arguably the most important step in your strategy planning process. Read more.



Top Retail Trends. Showrooming will grow, real time NFC will be a game changer and contextual shopping will accelerate. Read more.


charlotte grezo - CSR - ArcusBalancing CSR and Risk Management: Ms. Charlotte Grezo, Group Director, Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, Centrica plc. on finding the balance. Read more.

Kathryn Fitzwilliam

“Think Food” Strategy: Ms. Kathryn Fitzwilliam, Corporate Vice President, Marketing Resources says first, people need support a shared vision. Read more.


Tom Anselmi is Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

Engaging Sports Fans: Mr. Tom Anselmi, EVP & COO, Maple Leaf Sports & Ent. Ltd. says fans expectations for value have risen. Read more.



Governance and Leadership

Mr. Donald McInnes – Chair of Prostate Cancer and Executive Vice Chairman of Alterra Power Corp., a British Columbia-based renewable power development company on improving board governance performance.

Board governance performance: An interview with Mr. Donald McInnes – Chair of Prostate Cancer and Executive Vice Chairman of Alterra Power Corp., a British Columbia-based renewable power development company on improving board governance performance. Read more.


change managementManagement Leadership series: No one can avoid the challenges of an info-based global economy, the need for organic growth or the innovation imperative. Today’s leading CEOs are going down a road everyone in business will have to travel. Read on to find out more about Ambidextrous Leadership. Read more.


board governance arcusThe Board’s role in Growth and Strategy Oversight. It is unclear to a majority of Directors how Board oversight of strategy translates into tangible actions. Read more.


Geoff Craig“Be Remarkable”- A vision for leadership: Mr. Geoff Craig, VP and GM, Unilever says leadership is about creating a framework for action around a vision to allow teams to pioneer new ways of working. Read more.

anthony lacavera

Growth in a challenging market: Mr. Anthony Lacavera, CEO of Globalive Communications Corp. talks about a strategy for sustainable growth. Read more.


Strategic planning CEO view on strategic planning: A survey of over 1500 C-level executives indicates strategic planning can be a frustrating exercise. The top concern is lack of visibility into the impact of plans. Read more.


sustainability risk managementFacts every CEO must know about Social Media. What is the ROI? Is it worth investing in? What are the tangible benefits? Is there a persuasive business caseRead more.


Human Resources


aThe Workplace Generation Gap. The “Silver Tsunami” is here. How to Adapt your People Strategy to Engage Boomers and Millennials. Read more.



The challenge with “Work@Home” telecommuting. Is it good for organizations, employees or both? On balance, does it improve employee productivity? Read More.


aWhat does it take to innovate? Innovative organizations harness VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) to succeed. Read More.


Culture ChangeCulture Change and Appreciative Inquiry Strategies. Companies are experiencing a mismatch between the way they need to operate and the culture that exists within. Read More.



Do flex hours increase productivity? An Arcus Human Capital survey indicates that 75 percent of employees in Canada want a better work-life balance.  Read more.


gold digAppreciative Inquiry: the act of exploration and discovery. Appreciative Inquiry and Change Management are about the search for the best in people, their organizations, and the relevant business environment around them. Read more.

Transformational Change


Embedding Sustainability in an Organization

Embedding Sustainability in an Organization: Ms. Jody Kuzenko, GM, Sustainability at Vale Base Metals says, embedding sustainability is a success driver. Read more.


Detlev ZwickGreen strategy and Revenue Growth: Detlev Zwick, PhD, Professor of Marketing, Schulich School of Business, York University on green growth. Read more.


Roger DunbarIdeas for Business Strategy: The Globe and Mail on Ideation and Innovation: An interview with Mr. Roger Dunbar, VP Digital Media & Business Development says innovation is not ideation. Read more.


Transformational Change:  Insightful thinking. Real world solutions.

Strategic planning CEO view on strategic planning: A survey of over 1500 C-level executives indicates strategic planning can be a frustrating exercise. The top concern is lack of visibility into the impact of plans. Read more.


Change Management, Arcus Consulting Toronto

A road map for transformational change. Top ten drivers of transformational change, such as, forecasting realistically. Read more.


corporate round tables

Arcus Advisory Boards and Round tables: Advisory Boards and Roundtables allow Executives to share perspectives in confidence without costly interventions. Read more.


strategySolve your toughest problems: Working with experts, Arcus has identified questions and selected insights that will get you the answers to your business problems.


Change Management, Arcus Consulting Toronto

A road map for transformational change. Top ten drivers of transformational change, such as, forecasting realistically.



C-Level view on strategic planning. Arcus talked to 1200 top executives about the challenges with strategic planning- it can be a frustrating exercise.


oil Strategy Planning and Outcomes. What can business leaders learn from the sharp drop in the price of oil? Experts can be wrong. Expect the unexpected.


change managementManaging the Rate of Change. Eight principles of managing change can have a substantial impact on the probability of success.



Innovation and Insight on How to Build a Great Business. Highly profitable, successful companies have often been studied in an attempt to learn how they did it. What alchemy enabled them to weave straw into gold? What magic was employed in achieving sustained market leadership, business excellence, and superior results?


Developing Winning Strategies. The need to develop winning strategies has never been greater. Strategic planning provides your business with a competitive edge — focusing your resources, improving your results and opening up new opportunities for financing.


Leverage the top trends in Change Management. In tough times, there’s hardly an organization that won’t actively be engaged in change management.  Based on a survey of 1,800 senior executives, Arcus has identified 10 areas for managers to consider when managing change in tough times with tips such as forecasting realistically and setting trigger points.


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We surround clients with a wide range services to meet their evolving requirements. Clients like to work with Arcus because we take a fact based approach to their problems. Our Growth, Change Management and Operations  solutions are based on approaches that have worked in the past for the most successful companies worldwide. Find out more. Review the diverse range of client successes by industry and case studies on projects undertaken for clients- with superior results. You may view the case studies by Industry or Functional Area.


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