Client Success: Healthcare Strategy Planning

healthcareLead with healthcare strategy planning: One of Canada’s leading organizations of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists needed help with healthcare strategy planning- to develop a comprehensive patient safety, quality improvement, and professional development program for caregivers and administrators in hospital obstetrical units.


The mission of the Program is to create a model of care where patient safety is the priority and everyone’s responsibility. The program was designed to encourage the participation of all individuals involved in patient care within a hospital’s obstetrical care unit. In creating a culture of patient safety, the priority is safer healthcare, which becomes everyone’s responsibility. In this culture there are shared goals and values, and the integration into practice of High Reliability Organization (HRO) principles and communities of practice become the norm.

The organization was interested in identifying high risk areas in hospitals and correlate barriers in patient safety with culture change and other drivers. Arcus interviewed over 120 CEOs, CMOs, CFOs and Risk Managers of healthcare organizations to identify challenges and opportunities to improve strategies and processes to deliver better patient care and lower litigation risk.



Arcus identified key trends in risk management within specific departments in healthcare organizations. The study also identified current processes, gaps and opportunities for improvement in patient care. High risk procedures, culture related challenges and specific insights in departments with the highest risk such as emergency, surgery and Obstetrics were identified.



Arcus’ research and strategy experience helped the organization develop and fine tune their risk management product and service offering for patient care and risk management services to over 400 hospitals in Canada. The measurable outcome of the engagement was an effective roll out strategy for the program and new product management and implementation plans for extension of teh program into other departments in Hospitals.




Case studies related to healthcare strategy planning :








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