Change Management

Organization Development, Change Management and Appreciative Inquiry

Dealing with complexity, constant change and resource optimization are priorities for growing for-profit and non-profit organizations. Change requires best practices in organizational effectiveness and flexible leadership. CEO’s need to learn about how to leverage best practices for effective change within their organizations. Benefits include substantial shareholder value, lower costs and streamlined businesses.

Change Management and Appreciative Inquiry model of change

Our change model is based on practices of HROS (highly reliable organizations) in sectors with complex operations such as healthcare and nuclear energy. These organizations follow proven methodologies because human errors can have potentially catastrophic consequences. The comprehensive approach integrates process and human dimensions of change. Please review a sample project to learn more about our approach on an engagement.

Arcus Organization Development and Change Model

Our consultants draw upon years of direct, front-line experience in a full range of industries. From Energy to Insurance, we help clients harness change and boost performance. Our focus on appreciative inquiry consulting delivers substantial value to clients.

Strategy is all About Implementation. Strategic outcomes are most predictable and effective when companies develop a portfolio of initiatives that are aligned with core competencies and aligned activities enable the company to offer a superior value proposition. Find out more about our Services. Or contact us for a proposal on how we can help for company. Learn more about our Strategic Planning Processes.

Below is a sample of projects we have managed for our clients:

  • Transition management
  • Facilitation services
  • Understanding and dealing with the human dimension of change
  • Leadership
  • Relationship building
  • Team building
  • Developing Mission, Vision and Values
  • Communication skills
  • Attract Quality Hires
  • Negotiation skills
  • Management and supervisory training
  • Succession Management
  • Retain High Value Employees
  • Motivate Older Workers to Stay
  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Identify/Develop Talent
  • Align Workforce with Business Strategy
  • Knowledge Management
  • Develop Leaders

Insights: Change Management Framework

The series of change interventions is designed to help businesses excel at managing change; providing a common framework that engages employees at every level, complimented by comprehensive support materials and consultancy support. French novelist Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr’s “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose,” (the more it changes, the more it’s the same thing),  is essentially an epigram about change management. Transforming organizations is difficult, have dissected the subject. Change management solutions have focused on soft issues like leadership, culture and motivation. Managing these influencers in insufficient to implement transformation projects. These indirect influencers such as visionary leadership are vital for transformation projects but there are many other considerations. Other such as communication with employees, changing attitudes or relationships that are deeply ingrained in organizations is critical. Read more about the Arcus Change Management Framework.

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