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Job Evaluation and Impact Measurement

Job Evaluation and Impact Measurement  are critical to ensure private, public organizations and unions align their human capital resources with strategic proprieties.

Ninety five percent of HR leaders say job evaluations are important to improve productivity and yet just 15% of HR leaders say their organizations have clear and consistent job descriptions that reflect actual responsibilities of staff. The Arcus Job Evaluation Manager  Online tool is a comprehensive online dashboard tool that streamlines all aspects of the job evaluation process and consolidates all job related information for all positions within an organization.

Arcus Job Evaluation and Impact Measurement Plan

The Arcus Job Evaluation and Impact Measurement Plan will have a direct impact on organizational performance and productivity. Below are some proprietary tools that are applied for Job Evaluation and Impact Measurement Plans. Click on each one to learn more.

Organizations that have implemented the plan have seen declines in salary budgets of up to 20 percent in the first year after implementation and 5-15% adjustments thereafter. For example on one Arcus project, a mid size organization with a salary budget of $45 million saw its budget decline by $8 Million with a 22% increase in employee morale and 14% increase in productivity.

How is such a significant increase possible? It is clear that there is a significant correlation between pay equity, job alignment and increase in productivity. Finding the areas where the three intersect and optimizing these intersections can eliminate overlaps in job responsibilities, align pay with skills and provide a sharper focus on performance management. Developing a customized job evaluation plan for your organization is the first step to strengthening the performance of your staff. To see a sample of the Job Evaluation Plan in action, contact Arcus to see a demonstration of the tool and associated benefits to organizations like yours.

Key benefits

Arcus has developed a set of over 2000 core job measurement processes, the Arcus Position Evaluation Tool (PET) is designed to meet specific organizational deliverables and goals. PET helps organizations:

  • Access job related information in one repository to enhance efficiency, consistency and manage the level of effort.
  • Deploy a structured governance process through out the organization.
  • Develop a symmetric process to align positions, scope  and size, capabilities, succession planning and talent management.
  • Develop pay equity embodied in a comprehensive and transparent compensation methodology for the entire organization
  • Engage and involve managers and staff in the job evaluation process.
  • Deploy the position evaluation process more efficiently with the support of Arcus, where required.

The Arcus job evaluation and impact measurement tool allows HR departments to assess, align and augment positions to deliver pay equity, higher productivity at a lower cost. The plan uses simple excel based interfaces to allow unrivaled portability and ease of use for our clients. Arcus takes a highly collaborative approach in the development of evaluation plans. The approach leverages best practices that have worked on over 200 other engagements and then customizes the plan to meet the unique requirements for each client.

job evaluation process

Learn more about the Arcus Job Evaluation and Impact Measurement Fact Sheet for additional details. Or even better, please contact us for a quick no-obligation assessment to determine your requirements and potential budget savings from this service.

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Job Evaluation and Impact Measurement

Organization Wide Compensation and Rewards

Arcus offers services in all the key areas that impact executive and organization compensation:

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