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servicesArcus puts Clients first. We are a leading research and strategy consulting firm that helps businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations solve their most challenging problems related to growth, organization and operations.

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“Needless to say, there are many firms that provide research and strategy consulting services, but few can deliver the value demonstrated in performing the scope of analysis, strategies, product evaluations and practical recommendations. Your commitment and ease of doing business with your firm ensured that we had a sound basis to address our most challenging business decisions.”

– Mr. Peter Flattery, CEO, Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada

5 things top managers do when working remotely.

These are challenging times. As leaders recalibrate what it means for teams to be their best, consider these strategies that leaders use to manage remote teams. Read more.

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We surround clients with a wide range services to meet their evolving requirements. Our consulting management services include Growth, Change Management and Operations solutions, based on approaches that have worked in the past. Find out more.

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Arcus offers clients a unique combination of fact-based industry knowledge and superior functional expertise to address your challenges. Our consultants have an average of over 22 years experience, twice the industry average. Find out more about our growth, change management and operations services.

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Ideas from one of Canada’s top management consulting service firms. Our consulting practices help clients develop strategies in over 30 sectors such as healthcare, retail, pharma, consumer, finance and technology. Read about insights that can help you manage, innovate and grow

How this pandemic will end.

It is not too soon to start asking what we have learned. Why did COVID-19 spread so quickly? Why do some societies seem to be coping better than others? Did we overreact, or could we be doing more or different things? And what lasting effects will there be on the world?

The pathway of this virus is more likely to be a sine wave (“~”) vs. a “V” or “U” shaped recovery. Slowing Covid-19 will eventually be found to have been impossible as economies open up prematurely. Report.

Should you switch Jobs?

How long should you stay before moving on? Here are five things to consider. This pandemic job market is dynamic and ever evolving. Should you switch jobs? How long should you stay before moving on? Here are five things to consider. Read more->

Professional Services Firms

Marketing is critical. Law, Accounting, Architecture firms and Medical Clinics need professional strategies to engage clients and prospects with genuine value. This is only possible when professional service firms understand clients needs through market research and then develop strategies to meet their needs. Read more.