Operations: Maximizing value with proven operations strategies

Operations: Maximizing value with proven operations strategies

70% of CEOs say operation excellence is a priority. CEOs are placing increasing importance on implementation and operations management. Today, strategic insight into managing a business isn’t enough. CEOs are placing increasing importance on implementation and operations management. As cost control becomes a priority, achieving operational excellence is an essential part of any corporate plan.


“Needless to say, there are many firms that provide research and strategy  consulting services, but few can deliver the value demonstrated in performing the  scope of analysis, strategies, product evaluations and practical recommendations. Your commitment and ease of doing business with your firm insured that we had a sound basis to address our most challenging business decisions.” – Business Process Optimization Project, Healthcare Industry

Our Experience

The effectiveness of your business processes has a direct correlation with the success of your business. By optimizing your processes, you can dramatically improve your productivity, output and overall level of service. Regardless of your industry, in today’s competitive environment, you must increase your productivity in order to compete and to ensure that you remain, not only in business, but also profitable. The end result is an efficient process that will provide consistent and measurable results each and every time it is executed.


Define the Current State: Arcus will work with your team of experts to assess and document all of the steps and characteristics involved in the existing process. Arcus will also document all constraints, gaps, and desired capabilities.

Eliminate Waste: Arcus will also look at the handoffs and head-count involved in the process and the amount of time each step required. We will analyze specific aspects of the current process and ask critical questions of the team to determine if the step is a value-add activity, a necessary business activity, or an unnecessary step.

Re-engineering Process: We will work with your team to re-engineer the process including removal of unnecessary or redundant steps, automation of steps within the process, and reduce the number of handoffs.

Enforce Constraints: We will ensure all constraints have been met including resource limitations, corporate policies, and good business practices.

Develop Solutions: We will work with your team to ensure the tools, systems, and people are in place to support the re-engineered process.

Deploying: We will work with your team to train on the new processes and ensure a successful cut-over to the new processes.



Superior Execution: Involvement in business operations has always been a challenge for senior management due to an information gap. Today failure to execute well is the primary reason for lower profitability and erosion of growth in companies.

Delivering superior products and services: Engaging customers in an increasingly complex and competitive business environment has made effective customer retention and acquisition strategies indispenible. For example, cutting inventory costs, boosting sales volume, reducing overstocks are just some of the benefits of better operations management.

Deeper experience: Tap into our experience in operations across over 12 industries. We follow a process of “success transfer” with management by objectives. So business leaders know more about the measurable impact of our services. Contact us for more information or to learn how we can solve your business problems.


Competitive Advantage: set yourself apart from your competitors by delivering quicker and at a reduced cost without compromising quality

Increased productivity: get more done with less

Documented Process: a step-by-step road map for successfully executing initiatives, process deployment, and even for managing current and new businesses.

Reduce cycle time: have more time for the other critical business activities

Improve consistency: ensure the same results regardless of who performs the process

Reduce cost and waste: save money by reducing cycle time and eliminating unnecessary steps

Reduce errors: eliminate the time and cost associated with fixing errors

Prepare for future growth: have the structure in place that will give you the ability to effectively import new business

Establish metrics: measure the process and see the results each and every time – you can improve what you measure