Arcus offers advisory services and expertise on the business impact of climate change to several leading organizations. As a sustainability consulting firm, we are striving to increase the understanding and adoption of low carbon and sustainable practices.

Over the past year, Arcus helped over 20 companies in the area of sustainability practices, low carbon strategies and customer engagement.

Arcus Sustainability GHG Risk Matrix

Sustainability and environmental awareness consulting services

Arcus’s Sustainability and environmental awareness consulting services focus on helping businesses, organizations, and governments adopt sustainable practices, reduce their environmental footprint, and address environmental challenges. Details.

Deep experience and expertise

We have extensive experience in issues related to sustainable practices and carbon and related cost abatement strategies, carbon regulation, emissions control and asset valuations. Our proprietary Arcus Sustainability Risk Matrix helps clients to understand their performance vs. a benchmark of over 2000 companies. The Risk Matrix enables companies to take better decisions linked shareholder value, revenue, growth, employee morale and customer satisfaction. It allows clients to leverage new growth opportunities.  Our knowledge and insight development of major renewable energy sources from bio-fuels to geothermal enables us to identify opportunities and provide in-depth perspectives for industries like energy, retail and manufacturing.

Problem-solving capabilities

We help clients evaluate and manage their exposure to risks associated with climate change and related regulatory and market environments. Our approach is to develop long term strategies to address challenges and opportunities that impact growth, organization and operations. We are also helping optimize their internal processes, reduce carbon footprints and manufacturing processes related to products and services.

sustainability mode;

Our services include client successes in the following areas:

Regulatory environment Our research with 1,200 business leaders confirms that the regulatory environment and related complexities are a significant concern. Developing scenarios on future carbon regulation and carbon prices, rent shifts in the value chain, stakeholder impact and the appropriate strategic response.

Sustainable business practices – Develop low carbon business practices that have a significant impact on revenue, costs and consumer demand.

Optimize supply chain– Our assessment tools enable clients to benchmark their supply chain carbon footprint and optimize key components of their operations.

Improve Energy Efficiencies – Helping a major city to achieve emission reduction targets for buildings despite increasing demand for energy and growing emissions.

Sustainability Risk Management – Our Sustainability Risk Management services are aimed at helping our clients evaluate companies across these criteria to better understand which companies are doing a better job than their peers at incorporating these issues into the broader governance of the organization.

Carbon trading – Conducting due diligences for low-/high-carbon targets, including the assessment of strategic options for benefiting from carbon trading opportunities and the development of emission certificate trading strategies. Setting up a trading unit for a major utility.

Corporate sustainability strategy – Our evaluation tools give clients a high level of transparency in their operations and opportunities to identify high cost areas related potential sustainable practices. Outcomes include lower carbon footprints, higher employee morale and stronger corporate sustainability “green” reputations.

Industry knowledge and functional expertise

Our industry and sustainable practice knowledge coupled with functional expertise helps our clients understand issues and opportunities quickly and device practical strategies that lead to tangible results.  We have conducted over 10 leading studies of consumer and business attitudes and action across several industries. These studies are available to our clients to help manage challenges more effectively.


  • Learn about the carbon market and trends
  • Benchmark your organizations risk profile against 2000 other organizations
  • Create a customized carbon reduction strategy
Service coverage

The variety, breadth, and depth of the projects where Arcus can be a resource are made unique by each client’s specific needs. By providing a very small sample of projects we’ve completed, we can help you understand how and when to use our services. Visit the links below to find out more about a specific problem or opportunity you would like to address.

Below is a sample of the range of services that Arcus has provided to clients.

  • A survey of 2,350 consumers and 1,320 business leaders for feedback on sustainability trends
  • Architecting a multi-year change strategy for a Fortune 500 company
  • Mentoring a CEO on organizational change
  • Excellence transformation of a leading B2B services company
  • Creating a new sales deployment model for a healthcare company
  • Developing a position evaluation and compensation model for a professional medical association   
  • Improving services to customer segments by deepening their understanding of customer attitudes

“Arcus manages to consistently deliver tangible results on market research and strategy projects. They combine deep business expertise, powerful research capabilities, and innovative thinking to deliver substantial value.”

– Vice President, Nikon

Media Coverage

Arcus has been quoted extensively in media on a range of topics and can offer research studies, insights and ideas. Here are some examples from the Globe and Mail, CTV, Global TV and others.