Regulatory Filings

We offer a broad range of regulatory services including regulatory research, application and compliance filings.

Outsourced regulatory research

Outsourcing your regulatory research will enable you to access some of the most advanced research compliance tools available in Canada. Our timely update of regulatory changes in our subscription service will enable your organization to plan and manage product launches and marketing in markets.

Our reports of emerging regulatory trends and impending changes help clients manage compliance strategies and ensure regulated businesses can focus on growth.

Applications to regulatory agencies

Arcus helps organizations design, develop and deploy their market entry in regulated categories such as regulated medical devices, pharmaceuticals and pesticides from pre-consultation to determine feasibility to strategy development . All drugs require registration for a DIN. DIN, stands for Drug Identification Number and is a computer-generated 8-digit number assigned by Health Canada to a drug product (prescription, disinfectants, and over-the-counter drugs) prior to being marketed in Canada. See additional information on medical device, pharmaceutical and pesticide regulatory services.


 2Literature review
 3Strategic options
 4Strategy design and development
 7Market entry

Annual compliance filings

Comply with AODAPay EquityOccupational health and safety (OHS) and other HR related filings. Some need to be filed every year. Arcus can design, develop and deploy a framework specific to your filing needs.

See this sample of requirements for Occupational Health and Safety Guide for Canadian Employers.

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