Consumer Products

We serve consumer products manufacturers on a range of consumer market research strategic, organizational and operational challenges. Our focus is on personal care, food, beverages, durables and household products companies. We also serve clients in luxury and textile industries. We serve clients in five functional areas:

Corporate Strategy identifying opportunities and defining strategic direction for incremental growth through optimization of decision processes and best practices.

Organization maximize performance with optimization of people, processes and internal structures.

Marketing and Research determining specific strategies to manage brand portfolios brands, ensure marketing spend effectiveness, and strengthening marketing capabilities.

Customer Engagement deeper market research, consumer insight, optimization of internal sales- related processes, team performance, channels, and capabilities to identify and grow the most profitable customer base.

Operations ensure best practice performance in processes, functions and optimization.


Consumer Market Research and Market intelligence


As the face of the Canadian consumer and industrial businesses industry transforms, companies must explore new strategies to stay in the game. Access to multi-distribution channels, entry into new markets, innovative products, cost management and the streamlining of the entire value chain will be critical. Find out more about our customer satisfaction, strategy and market research services.

Our approach is based on our understanding of the marketplace issues affecting consumer and industrial businesses. We continually invest in the industry, develop intellectual capital and drive thought leadership – through our work with trade organizations, sponsorship of industry events and initiation of industry research.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Our tools allow you to identify which areas of marketing activity it makes most sense for you to focus on. Quantify the potential for your brand or service to grow. Determine where your ‘at risk’ consumers are likely to go. Optimize the number of customers fully committed to you. Learn more about this service.

  • Brand Audit
  • Customer Dynamics
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research
  • Advertising Effectiveness Testing


Competitive intelligence


Arcus offers the most comprehensive and in-depth media coverage in Canada. We monitor news and public affairs programs aired across the country using our Canada-wide network of resources. This network translates into coverage from over 100 communities – 145 television and 290 radio stations. This effort results in 2,000 news and public affairs programs monitored daily and over 15 million monitor notes filed per year. Learn more about this service.

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