Market Benchmarked Executive Compensation Strategy

Arcus uses a benchmarking methodology that has been deployed on over 200 executive compensation programs. The approach is proven to deliver superior client satisfaction and also supports a transparent and well defined strategy based on recent market benchmarks. Most benchmarks available today are at least 2-3 years old and hence Arcus invests in market benchmark updates to ensure our clients receive current information to inform the executive compensation strategy.


Market Benchmarked Executive Compensation Strategy Plans

Important considerations include a broader vision and mission for the organization aligned with a comprehensive strategic plan that is focused on measurable outcomes. In addition, the strategy includes best practices in succession planning to ensure that the risk associated with a position is mitigated with a contingency plan in the event that the succession plan needs to be deployed under unexpected circumstances.


An important consideration is the clients definition of success for the engagement. This may include a significant focus on risk management vs. market benchmarking or a greater emphasis on transparency vs. impact measurement. The highly collaborative approach ensures that clients have numerous options and can make informed decisions in the best interests of the organization.


Arcus invests in market compensation surveys each year to understand how the benchmark of 2000 positions has shifted each quarter. The recency of information provides our clients with unique and current view of competitive compensation standards.


Arcus offers services in all the key areas that impact executive and organization compensation:

Board advisory

  • Board of Directors advisory services
  • Executive compensation audits for Boards

Compensation Design

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Market Benchmarked Executive Compensation Strategy

Incentive planning

  • Incentive plan development
  • Compensation disclosure planning
  • Market Benchmarked Board compensation design
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