Change management models

Change Management Models: Arcus Change Methodology (ACM); Research shows that problems with the people dimension of change is the most commonly cited reason for project failures.

In a study with 248 companies, effective change management with employees was listed as one of the top-three overall success factors for the project. Helping managers be effective sponsors of change was considered the most critical success factor overall.

change management model

ACM is a goal-oriented change management model that allows change management teams to focus their activities on specific business results.  The model was initially used as a tool for determining if change management activities like communications and training were having the desired results during organizational change. The model has its origins in aligning traditional change management activities to a given result or goal.

For example, Awareness of the business reasons for change is a goal of early communications related to a business change. Desire to engage and participate in the change is the goal of sponsorship and resistance management. Information about how to change is the goal of training and coaching. By identifying the required outcomes or goals of change management, ACM becomes a useful framework for change management teams in the planning and execution of their work.

The goals or outcomes defined by ACM are sequential and cumulative. An individual must obtain each element in sequence in order for a change to be implemented and sustained. As a manager, you can use this model to identify gaps in your change management process and to provide effective coaching for your employees. The ACM model can be used to:

  • diagnose employee resistance to change
  • help employees transition through the change process
  • create a successful action plan for personal and professional advancement during change
  • develop a change management plan for your employees

The ACM model has the ability to identify why changes are not working and help you take the necessary steps to make the change successful. You will be able to break down the change into parts, understand where the change is failing and address that impact point.

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