Total compensation / total rewards strategies

Arcus research indicates that the variable component of compensation is driving significant shifts in how talent is hired, engaged and retained. This means that compensation budgets are subject to major fluctuations depending on the overall performance of teams and the organization. As a result, it has become important for HR leaders to be much more involved in the broader business operation and to understand how business results- sales and revenue growth impact compensation budgets.  Find out more about total compensation / total rewards strategies.


In the past, variable compensation was more likely to be present at C-level or within the sales organization. Today, it has permeated into many different functional areas and has become integral to effective performance management systems. The end goal is to attract, motivate and retain skilled employees and strengthen the performance of the organization.


Arcus will develop  a highly customized compensation solution that will be aligned with your expectations, the strategic plan and business goals of the organization. The approach will take into consideration:


  • A “current state” analysis and report to define benchmarks and desired outcomes
  • The organizations reputation and HR strategy for recruitment
  • The compensation framework that would best meet the organization’s budget and goals
  • A performance management system that is aligned with specific strategic outcomes

Other actions will include:

  • An evaluation of competitive compensation plans and market salary benchmarks
  • Incentive plans that will deliver the best results
  • Pass all plans through a legislative compliance filter to mitigate risk
  • Pay equity benchmarks that are consistent with the performance management plan


Arcus has over 200 subject matter experts who will augment team and provide cutting edge knowledge and ideas to your project in a diverse range of areas such as pensions, benefits and reward mechanisms.


Contact Arcus to schedule a call/meeting to discuss how we help you with a plan for your Compensation and Incentive Strategy that is aligned with your organization’s compensation budget, strategic plan and business priorities.

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