Client Success: Retail Customer Research and Brand strategy

Retail Customer Research and Brand strategy- The scope of work on this engagement included an attitude and usage study for a grocery retailer retailer. The engagement included brand and positioning and strategy workshops with senior management and external stakeholders.

Opportunity: Identify new growth vectors in the food industry for emerging cuisines.

Recommendations: Consumer preferences for types of food have changed significantly as a result of time constraints, introduction of new ideas by recent immigrants, frequent global travel andmore openess to experimentation. As a result, the market for froen and dry foods has moved towards emerging ethnic cuisines linked to a premium for “rready to eat” foods, a move away from “ready to cook” and “cooking from scratch”. Three dynamic food segments were identified with extensive qualitative and quantitative research-

Consumer segment Benefit Concept
Convenience seekers Convenience Food is Fuel
Traditionals Authentic, made at home Scratch cookers
Adventurers New cuisine Eat out often

Results: Following extensive qualitative research, a new brand platform and business strategy was identified. Thereafter, marketing concepts were tested with customers and prospects.

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