Drivers of Change

Change management is the process of implementing and managing organizational change. It involves identifying, planning, and implementing changes in an organization’s structure, processes, technology, and culture.

Key drivers of change

There are several key drivers of change management, including:

  1. Business environment: The business environment is constantly changing, and organizations must adapt to stay competitive. Factors such as changes in market conditions, technological advancements, and regulatory changes can drive the need for change management.
  2. Strategic initiatives: Organizations may implement change management to support strategic initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions, new product launches, or expansion into new markets.
  3. Organizational performance: Change management can also be driven by the need to improve organizational performance. This could include increasing efficiency, reducing costs, or improving customer satisfaction.
  4. Employee engagement: Change management can also be driven by the need to improve employee engagement and retention. This may include changes to the organizational structure, processes, or culture to create a more positive work environment.
  5. Culture: Change management can also be driven by the need to align the culture of an organization with its strategic goals. This may include changes to the company’s values, mission, or vision.

Overall, change management is a crucial process for organizations to navigate the constant changes in the business environment and achieve their strategic goals. Successful change management requires a clear understanding of the drivers of change, effective communication, and strong leadership.


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Below is a sample of the range of services that Arcus has provided to clients.

  • A survey of 2,350 consumers and 1,320 business leaders for feedback on sustainability trends
  • Architecting a multi-year change strategy for a Fortune 500 company
  • Mentoring a CEO on organizational change
  • Excellence transformation of a leading B2B services company
  • Creating a new sales deployment model for a healthcare company
  • Developing a position evaluation and compensation model for a professional medical association   
  • Improving services to customer segments by deepening their understanding of customer attitudes

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– Vice President, Nikon

Media Coverage

Arcus has been quoted extensively in media on a range of topics and can offer research studies, insights and ideas. Here are some examples from the Globe and Mail, CTV, Global TV and others.