Hospital and Healthcare systems Consultants

Hospital and Healthcare systems consultants: Our healthcare consultants, advisors and sector subject matter experts have years of experience in senior positions at hospitals, government ministries and other healthcare organisations. Their first hand experience is invaluable to clients to help them navigate complex policy, regulatory,procurement and change management challenges.

John McKinley, Senior Consultant, Community Health Services

John is a seasoned health care executive who combined a 30+ year career in the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care with a two year assignment at Lakeridge Health, a large multi-site hospital east of Toronto.  During his tenure at the Ministry, he managed a wide range of portfolios including policy, financial analysis, operations and information management.  He has experience in many sectors of Ontario’s healthcare system including emergency health services, acute care, rehab, community mental health, long-term and community care.

John was the executive lead for the eHealth file during eHealth Ontario’s (eHO) creation and transfer from a government run branch to an independent organization. He led the government’s change management approach for eHO staff and processes and developed the original set of performance expectations and governance/reporting processes for the organization.

John was responsible for creating the Community Care Information Management (CCIM) program which developed standardized financial and clinical information across the community health domain including CCACs, LTC Homes, CSS agencies and Mental Health agencies.  For Community Mental Health services, he led the process to select OCAN (Ontario Common Assessment of Need) as the clinical standard for client information and MIS as the financial standard.  These two standards were implemented over a several year phased-in approach as agencies readied themselves for the change process at their own speed.  This clinical information used in the Integrated Assessment Record and was the first successful implementation of a province-wide approach for sharing clinical information in Ontario.  John’s work included the design, implementation and management of a governance structure that was instrumental in completing the program of projects over a multi-year span.

More recently, John held the position of Executive Vice President at Lakeridge Health where he was responsible for corporate functions including finance, information management and technology, human resources, planning, facilities management, laboratory, diagnostic imaging and pharmacy.  Lakeridge Health is a substantial mental health service provider in Durham.  John designed and led the development of a master and facilities plan for the four Lakeridge sites. During his time at Lakeridge, John also led the integration of the laboratory department with the University Health Network’s laboratories, including developing the associated governance structure.

Rob Crawford, Senior Consultant, Planning, Evaluations, Engagement and Communications

Rob Crawford has a long and successful track record of providing evidence informed consulting services to the healthcare sector in Canada. For fifteen years, Rob has been working with a wide range of clients, including community-based providers, LHINs, regional health authorities, community and teaching hospitals and governments. Rob is focused on creating value for clients in areas such as strategic systems based planning, health policy, health information management, performance measurement and evaluation. A creative and innovative consultant, Rob brings his extensive experience in stakeholder engagement, facilitation, policy and information analysis, project management and risk management to every assignment.

Rob has progressively senior positions at a large multinational consulting firm, followed by a smaller independent firm. In those roles, Rob led and managed a variety of engagements including program, corporate and regional strategic planning and evaluation, hospital operations improvement, health data analysis, and national staffing and compensation surveys. He was also responsible for recruiting and mentoring new talent, developing professional education programs and overseeing the firm’s information management and technology functions. Rob has recently completed number of international assignments in the Middle East and the Caribbean, assisting governments to plan and implement significant national initiatives. Rob is appointed as Adjunct Faculty in the Institute of Health Policy Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto and is a member of the Board of Directors at the Four Villages Community Health Centre. He is also a Healthcare Quarterly Review Editor at Longwoods Publishing and has been published in Hospital Quarterly and the Canadian Journal of Quality in Health Care.

Lynda Hessey, Senior Consultant, Health Systems Planning

Lynda has an MSc in Health Services Planning and Administration and an under graduate degree in nursing. She has held senior management positions in the former Ontario Ministry of Health. As the Executive Director of a District Health Council for 13 years, she worked successfully with engaging a wide range of health care and related stakeholder organizations in local and regional planning initiatives across the full continuum of services from prevention to palliation. As well Lynda has been involved a number of consulting projects involving service reviews that required qualitative research methods particularly focusing on data gathering through key informant interviews and consultation with relevant stakeholders. These projects include: a review of the Ontario Health Promotion Resource Centres; a review of shared services delivered by the North Simcoe Muskoka CCAC to community support and health care agencies; and the development of a national snapshot of the relationship between community mental health programs and Regional Health Authorities in Canada.

She has an in depth understanding of the mental health system having worked in direct service delivery, policy development, planning and management in this sector. In particular, her experience has been concentrated in community mental health and addiction services. She has a good understanding of the roles of various players in delivering mental health services in urban, rural and northern communities. Through her considerable planning experience in this sector, she understands the need for meaningful collaboration across professions and service delivery organizations to effectively serve clients. Finally, Lynda has been involved in many aspects of change management from planning for comprehensive transformation of the mental health system to restructuring organizations. Consequently, she understands the importance of monitoring the effects of change on clients, on service providers and on systems to ensure there is alignment between intended service changes and actual service delivery.

Judith Moses, Senior Consultant, Transformational change

Judith has held top leadership positions in government, private and non-profit sector for many years, most recently as Vice President, Institute on Governance where she worked in Iraq, Botswana and with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Natural Resources, Halton Region and University of Guelph. Previously she led a task force on central agency reform in the Ontario Cabinet Office and on horizontal management of federal activities in the regions in the federal Privy Council Office. She is a former federal senior assistant deputy minister, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, ADM Policy/CEO Training and Development Canada, director general Labour Market Outlook and Sector Analysis. HRDC and director of intergovernmental affairs at DIAND. Her areas of specialty include: Public governance and accountability, Machinery of government, Policy development and strategy, Strategic planning and review, Transformational change, Project development, Government relations and strategy advice, Partnership development and Leadership development and facilitation.

Judith is a Guelph grad and attended the Oxford Centre for Management Development. She has been active in federal and provincial politics and numerous boards, currently on the board as past chair of HIPPY Canada where she is passionate about early childhood learning. She advises resource development companies on Aboriginal community relations strategies, serves on the Ontario Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade Minister’s Partnership Forum and is a CivicAction DiverseCity Fellow. She serves as Public Witness for Ecological and Social Justice with the Anglican Church of Canada and is the Aboriginal outreach chair at Grace Church-on-the-Hill.