Healthcare Data and analysis products

Healthcare Data and analysis products: Illness Activity Notification program




The most comprehensive program of its kind, the Arcus Illness Activity Notification program (AIN) measures the total affected population with a specific illness at the national level down to 600 markets, regions and hospital catchment areas. AIN provides critical status levels for each regional market area, reflecting seasonal severity and potential spread rate of illness throughout the year. With consumers only purchasing illness products when afflicted, this data is vital for maximizing ROI on promotions, marketing, product placement, and supply chain. The AIN program offers healthcare purchasing trends linked to contract renewals. Contact Arcus to subscribe to the AIN program.


Flexible and low cost market reports

Arcus offers flexible and low cost market reports taht are customized to meet each clients unique needs. For example, clients can request a 2-10 page market report.


Healthcare tracking

Arcus has a proprietary relational database of  health conditions, updated frequently.The most comprehensive program of its kind, the Arcus Procedure Tracking System (APTS) provides data that covers the top medical conditions funded by healthcare programs. Contact Arcus to subscribe to APTS.


Case Studies


A recent study found that high prescribing physicians receive three to five times as many calls from sales reps as they did 10 years ago. Today’s pharmaceutical rep is vying with a massive army of competitors for diminishing physician time. Many sales reps even have to compete with others from their own company.
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