Healthcare Procurement Trends- Canada

Healthcare technologyHealthcare Procurement Trends- Canada. The Arcus Insight Online Physician Behaviour Tracking report is part of the quarterly national Arcus Healthcare trends report. How physicians search for information online– important insights to strengthen egnage healthcare professionals with corporate reputation management. According to an Arcus Healthcare Insight analysis, there is a clear link between actual physicians’ online behaviour and their prescription-writing activities These visits by physicians to websites are driven primarily by natural search techniques that may be direct or through non-referred access processes. This trend confirms the importance of brand building activities to engage physicians who are proactively looking for specific information. Arcus research revealed that just 18 percent of physician traffic is influenced by advertising through a push presence online and 6 percent through messages on health-related insurance websites.


Interestingly, the bulk of traffic are non-referred visits (from bookmarks or directly entering a  website address) drives most of physician traffic across many site categories including Pharmacy (84 percent), Pharmaceutical Support (73 percent) and Clinic Sites (54 percent). The recommendations include a strategic focus on understanding physicians actual online behaviours in context of the corporate brand and product category to define how the behaviour can change in context of how physicians research health content in comparison patients.


The Arcus Insight report on Physician Online behaviour can lay the foundation for a strategic approach to an online to strengthen the impact of a reputation management program. It is clear that, unlike patients, physicians are driven by a unique set of motivators when accessing health information online. These online behaviours results in different paths to the information they have be seeking. For example, unlike patients, physicians tend to start their online browsing with more clarity on the specific information they are seeking and are hence likely to have a focussed set of search criteria.


Purchase the Arcus Healthcare trends report. The Arcus Insight Online Physician Behaviour Tracking report is part of the quarterly national Arcus Healthcare trends report, based on interviews with 285 C-suite, SSO/purchasing executives, financial executives and surgeons and physicians and 2000 patients across 16 specialities and 35 health conditions.

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