SME Business Surveys – strategic planning process

SME Business Surveys – strategic planning process. How SMEs can benefit from a structured growth strategy process.

  • Survey of 1400 SMEs by Arcus earlier this year found that only 14% have annual strategic planning processes in place.
  • Just 2% actually measure the impact of the plan at the end of the year. Vs 94% and 18% for enterprise companies.
  • Key benefits include continuity and consistency in resource allocations, more flexibility in reacting to market situations, better staff retention, more stable cash flow management.
  • Most important it allows them to see past the corner as one SME said to Arcus.

Key questions to ask:

  • What should the plan include
  • When and how should you create one
  • How do you implement it
  • How often should you review and revise it
  • How will it compare and contrast with a larger corporation’s strategic plan


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strategic-planningWhat drives a great growth strategy? We have found that the most reliable and persuasive growth strategies are built on the intersections of the company’s capabilities, uniqueness and seamless execution. Businesses have to address a unique set of barriers that often require deeper insight. Arcus offers a fact based approach to align a company’s strengths with customer needs. Find out more about our strategy, marketing and market research services.


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