Change Management – Insights and Ideas


Change Management - Insights and IdeasPrinciples of Change Management: Tools and techniques based on best practice insights and ideas to help companies manage change and transform quickly. Long-term structural transformation requires a significant focus on:


  • Scalability (the change is pervasive across the organization),
  • Impact (It requires a significant shift from the current state),
  • Durability (it should be sustainable over a longer period of time),
  • Strategic relevance (it should strengthen the strategic plan).


Arcus has compiled numerous drivers of successful change initiatives based on interviews with over 2000 business leaders. Below are a small sample of these insights. Contact Arcus for a presentation on best practices in change management.




strategySolve your toughest problems: Working with experts, Arcus has identified questions and selected insights that will get you the answers to your business problems.


Dirk Miller

Siemens on R&D and Growth Strategy: Mr. Dirk Miller, VP, Siemens. says investments in research and development can be an effective growth strategy for companies today.


Strategic planning CEO view on strategic planning: A survey of over 1500 C-level executives indicates strategic planning can be a frustrating exercise. The top concern is lack of visibility into the impact of plans.


Change Management, Arcus Consulting Toronto

A road map for transformational change. Top ten drivers of transformational change, such as, forecasting realistically.


aThe Workplace Generation Gap. The “Silver Tsunami” is here. How to Adapt your People Strategy to Engage Boomers and Millennials.


board governance arcusThe Board’s role in Growth and Strategy Oversight. It is unclear to a majority of Directors how Board oversight of strategy translates into tangible actions.



Do flex hours increase productivity? An Arcus Human Capital survey indicates that 75 percent of employees in Canada want a better work-life balance.


scenario planning

Scenario Planning – an underutilized Strategy Tool. Why scenario planning is arguably the most important step in your strategy planning process.



The challenge with “Work@Home” telecommuting. Is it good for organizations, employees or both? On balance, does it improve employee productivity?



Top Retail Trends in 2015. Showrooming will grow, real time NFC will be a game changer and contextual shopping will accelerate.


aWhat does it take to innovate? Innovative organizations harness VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) to succeed.


Culture ChangeCulture Change and Appreciative Inquiry Strategies. Companies are experiencing a mismatch between the way they need to operate and the culture that exists within.



C-Level view on strategic planning. Arcus talked to 1200 top executives about the challenges with strategic planning- it can be a frustrating exercise.


oil Strategy Planning and Outcomes. What can business leaders learn from the sharp drop in the price of oil? Experts can be wrong. Expect the unexpected.


change managementManaging the Rate of Change. Eight principles of managing change can have a substantial impact on the probability of success.


sustainability risk managementFacts every CEO must know about Social Media. What is the ROI? Is it worth investing in? What are the tangible benefits? Is there a persuasive business case?


change managementManagement Leadership series: No one can avoid the challenges of an info-based global economy, the need for organic growth or the innovation imperative. Today’s leading CEOs are going down a road everyone in business will have to travel. Read on to find out more about Ambidextrous Leadership.


gold digAppreciative Inquiry: the act of exploration and discovery. Appreciative Inquiry and Change Management are about the search for the best in people, their organizations, and the relevant business environment around them.



Innovation and Insight on How to Build a Great Business. Highly profitable, successful companies have often been studied in an attempt to learn how they did it. What alchemy enabled them to weave straw into gold? What magic was employed in achieving sustained market leadership, business excellence, and superior results?


Developing Winning Strategies. The need to develop winning strategies has never been greater. Strategic planning provides your business with a competitive edge — focusing your resources, improving your results and opening up new opportunities for financing.


Leverage the top trends in Change Management. In tough times, there’s hardly an organization that won’t actively be engaged in change management.  Based on a survey of 1,800 senior executives, Arcus has identified 10 areas for managers to consider when managing change in tough times with tips such as forecasting realistically and setting trigger points.




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