Culture Change – A Best Practice Assessment Framework

  • How often do individuals in your organization talk about culture?
  • How effective are leaders in your organization at role-modeling and shaping culture?
  • How well do your training practices integrate new employees into your organization’s culture?

If you responded not very well to the three questions, you are not in the minority. Over a third of senior executives are not satisfied with the culture of their organization.


Why is there such a significant gap?


An Arcus survey of 340 CEOs of private and public companies earlier this year confirms the increasingly important role of CEOs as the primary “Change Agent” within organizations.


During a period of incremental change, the role of culture at an organization will become pivotal. The best leaders we have observed are fully aware of the multiple cultures within which they are embedded, can sense when change is required, and can deftly influence the process. For better and worse, culture and leadership are inextricably linked. A culture audit of an organization by Arcus can help to determine whether the perception of  the leadership team of the culture is indeed what it is through the lenses of employees and management teams, specifically:


  • What drives high performance cultures of comparable organisations
  • Current and desired culture profile of the board, leadership team and organization


Unfortunately, in our experience it is far more common for boards and leaders seeking to build high-performing organizations to be confounded by culture. Indeed, many either let it go unmanaged or relegate it to the HR function, where it becomes a secondary concern for the business.


The bottom line: If you don’t want culture to be a barrier to  better performing teams, the solution is easy. Adjust the mindset inside your organization and board with the right composition of skills and attitudes.


On the basis of decades of experience analyzing organizations, executives, and employees, Arcus has developed a rigorous, comprehensive model to identify the key attributes of both group culture and individual leadership styles. We will audit your organization and board members against our performance benchmarks.


Eight characteristics emerge when we map cultures along two dimensions: how people interact (independence to interdependence) and their response to change (flexibility to stability). The relative salience of these eight styles differs across organizations, though nearly all are strongly characterized by results and caring.



We will benchmark your organization against over 200 other comparable organizations on these indicators. Contact us for a presentation and benchmark project for your organization.

How can we help?


Please review our services below. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact Arcus. We would be pleased to discuss your project. Often change management requires a combination of numerous services including culture, appreciative inquiry, capacity and strategy planning, etc.


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