key dimensions of change management

Featured Client Success: A comprehensive approach integrates processes and key human dimensions of change management.

It is most effective when organizations understand their current and desired culture states. Our change model is based on practices of HROs (highly reliable organizations) in sectors with complex operations such as healthcare and nuclear energy. These organizations follow proven methodologies because human errors can have potentially catastrophic consequences. The comprehensive approach integrates process and human dimensions of change.


The challenge from the client

Due to a more competitive environment the client was experiencing a gap in the way the organization needed to operate and the culture that existed within to support this way of working. There was therefore an urgent need to review the key elements of the culture that needed to be retained and strengthened and those which needed to be influenced and changed over time.

Generally the new culture needed to support:

  • A strategy that was more connected with the market and reflective of the needs of its most important customers.
  • A greater degree of engagement from employees towards this strategy
  • Clear performance standards and the organizations ability to meet them consistently
  • A greater focus on team orientation and integration between the various functions of the organization


The approach we took

A model of culture that correlated strongly with organizational performance was used and the whole organization was benchmarked against it. The results were then used to identify the gaps in culture and where sub-cultures existed, whether for good or for bad.

The results were then fed back to the core team in small functionally based focus groups and senior management group who then drew up a clear process for moving the overall culture forward. The next step was to establish local action plans within the various functions of the organization. Action plans were then built and are to this day being delivered with clear measurement and performance criteria that are evaluated on an ongoing basis.


The results delivered

Tangible and identifiable shifts in behaviours and attitudes are being seen which align towards a more focused, pragmatic and performance orientated approach with the corporate strategy dominating tactical ones which is a big step forward for the client. A follow up survey using the culture model is now in progress.