Managing the rate of change

How individuals and organizations can successfully manage change in a changing world. If you look carefully at some organizations, there are ways to manage it effectively.  In over 70% of organizations needed to change, they tried and failed or succeeded in change far less than their aspirations.

There is a simple formula that works remarkably well.  The fundamental pattern found in a fast moving world is that if you get the challenge of change right in the first 1, 2 or 5 years, the opportunities are tremendous. The 8 principles of change can have a substantial impact on the probability of success.

Prepare for change

1. Promote a Sense of Urgency.
Spread the word quickly about the urgent need for change and explain why.

2. Create a core group of change empowered evangelists
Make sure a group empowered to facilitate action and take quick decisions is in place. This core group has to believe in the change to be implemented.

Manage change

3. Create a change mission and durable strategy
The future depends on it. Focus on making the mission and vision a reality for years to come.

4. Communicate understanding and genuine buy-in
Make sure that all those who could be influenced by change become part of the team of endorsers by ensuring they believe in it.

5. Empower key teams to act decisively
Focus on eliminating barriers that may come in the way of the empowered team. This will ensure energies focus on the actual tasks at hand and minimize distractions.

Reinforce change

6. Focus on a mix of short and long term wins
Success is a big motivator. Spread the message about short term successes quickly and dramatically.

7. Maintain the course and pace
Its easy to lose momentum without a resolute focus on goals. Momentum is a key driver of sustainability of change. Stay the course with constant reinforcement and a focus on long and short term goals.

8. Focus on creating a culture of continuous change
Convert as many people as possible to create new evangelists. These people will help you achieve the mission and goals with small steps and actions