Corporate Advisory Boards and Roundtables- Business Model

The ACAB’s (Arcus Corporate Advisory Boards) unique approach allows executives to reach out to their peer group for perspectives without time consuming and costly interventions by consultants and third parties. The model has been successfully deployed by:

  • Enabling a network of senior leaders connect with the right peer
  • Facilitating the process of engagement and knowledge sharing
  • Offering best practices to augment the information from peers
  • Leveraging our advisory services to deliver actionable strategic solutions


Practice Areas

The functional practice areas and expertise of the Arcus Corporate Advisory Board and Roundtable cover 12 primary functions listed below. Arcus helps senior leaders and their teams with strategic insight, analytics, research and advisory services in each area.


The ACAB combines the knowledge of member companies and senior executives with our consulting and research expertise. The result is a powerful resource and tool to equip senior leaders with ideas, insights and actionable strategies to transform their organizations and identify practical solutions to management problems. Learn more about the practice areas and how to join a roundtable at this link.

Corporate Advisory Boards and Roundtables

Best Practices that work

Our knowledge bank of proven approaches has been collated from hundreds of engagements and peer group sessions with senior leaders of leading organizations.


Issues based research

Arcus uses an issues based methodology that is focussed on identifying a set of actionable solutions that can be deployed in scenario planning to assess the risks associated with each scenario. This approach acknowledges that problems can be complex with many variables and a “silver bullet” solution isn’t always effective. The approach includes benchmarking and KPI based outcome metrics.


Peer to Peer Input

Arcus offers peer to peer interactions a series of management tools and solutions to help the, work through each problem and allocate resources and time to clarify and focus energies on solutions with the highest impact.


Peer Networking

Our View from the Top Series of interviews with over 2,000 C-level executives such as Mr. Jim Leech, President and CEO of Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, an organization with $117.1B in net assets, Mr. Victor Garcia, Chief Technology Officer of HP and Ms. Jody Kuzenko, General Manager, Sustainability at Vale Base Metals gives us unrivalled access to knowledge on over 240 management topics from Change Management to CSR.


Advisory Guidance

Subject Matter Experts in more than 340 functional areas can offer personalized advice and guidance to senior executives and their teams with regard to decisions, strategy presentations to boards, management teams and business units.

If you are interested in discussing the Arcus Corporate Advisory Board and Roundtable service offering, please contact our managing partner, Merril Mascarenhas, by phone at +1 (416) 710-2727 or Email.


Financial Services Round table

“The overriding lesson is to expect the unexpected and don’t take anything for granted” – Mr. Jim Leech, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

“Needless to say, there are many firms that provide research and strategy consulting services, but few can deliver the value demonstrated in performing the scope of analysis, strategies, product evaluations and practical recommendations. Your commitment and ease of doing business with your firm ensured that we had a sound basis to address our most challenging business decisions.” – Mr. Peter Flattery, CEO, Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada