Consulting Fees

Hourly Fees

Our consulting fees are flexible and very competitive. Almost all of our engagements are done under project fee agreements. In the event that you need services billed on an hourly or daily basis, our hourly rates include a mix of  four levels of service based on the requirements of an Associate, Analyst, Consultant and Partner at each stage of a engagement.


Fixed engagement fee

Our consultation typically involves both the partner and the client involved in the client engagement. We want to understand the challenge or opportunity, the specific services that are needed, and how our expertise in the areas of strategy, transformational change and human capital can help. We will then make our recommendations, offering a range of services and corresponding fees.

Arcus is flexible with regard to the scope and proposed total fee for services. The scope and proposed fees will be adjusted to meet the expectations of the Client.


Status Reporting and Interface mechanisms

Arcus has a thorough documentation and communication process that includes contact reports following meetings, monthly status reports, monthly budget control reports (BCR’s), signed cost estimates for all jobs, Pre-billing and post-billing as necessary, Cost accounting and time management system and  open books on the Client business.


Quality control- “Q3 peer review”

Arcus has a proven system and control mechanisms related to data collection, analytical techniques and reporting mechanisms.  Arcus will implement its rigorous internal review processes called “Q3 peer review” to ensure deliverables received by the Client are of high quality. The Arcus Q3 peer review means that all analysis, conclusions and recommendations are reviewed by at least three consultants assigned to this project.


Cost Accounting System

Arcus maintains best-in-practice account management systems in accordance with Industry standards. This process ensures “surprises” are minimized and the highest quality is achieved. As well, it will help control costs while maximizing the effectiveness of the Client’s budget.