Most Innovative Companies in Canada

Canada’s Most Innovative Companies: While this years list included some stalwarts in their usual top positions— we expect many newcomers to join the lineup for next year. Thank you for your contribution to this survey.

We expect 3540 responses to nex years report on inventive products, customer experiences, business models and processes. See the results of this years 50 most innovative companies survey below.

With the sudden economic slow down, businesses are struggling to maintain income and budgets, but also with significant shifts that are changing entire industries, from autos and banking. These same forces are apparent in our latest research on the Most Innovative Companies.

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Canada’s Most Innovative Companies:

Arcus research indicates that the top three concerns of senior executives are the following:

Inability to grow: Consumer spending/attitudes are driving consumption relatively dramatic consumption declines – capital spending for growth and development of innovative concepts is thus compromised.

Attracting and retaining top talent: There is less tolerance for career related risk in organizations. Employees are taking a more conservative approach to managing business.

Employee engagement: Thee is a growing fear and mistrust of corporations resulting in challenges with employee motivation, engagement and productivity.

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The 50 Most Innovative Companies in Canada

Below is a selection from the list of the Most Innovative Companies in Canada from our survey this year. We received 3,215 responses to our innovation survey.

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