Business Unit Strategy Consulting Services

The key to our consulting services is our ability to integrate our know-how in functional areas with our deep industry knowledge. Find out more about our collective experience, services and client successes. Research applied to business strategy can result in powerful new ideas and ways of looking at and thinking through business challenges.


Business Unit Strategy Consulting Services


Competitive advantage: A sustainable business unit strategy will create substantial shareholder value by identifying competitive advantage in its products and services. Evaluating a business unit’s customer base can identify the most profitable customers and future franchises of growth.


Strategy in challenging markets. We help clients develop strategies to identify high growth opportunities in competitive business environments while managing risk related exposures. We leveage our proceses, planning tools and decision-making methodologies to deliver substantial value.


Strategic Planning Processes


Concepts and strategy: Our approach is to first use our collective experience to come up with 15-20 provocative concepts for a strategy. These are based on a series of questions that probe various topics and drivers of change. The outcome of the process is used to build several strategic maps to define and strengthen each hypothesis for a strategy.


Corporate and Business Unit Strategy: We apply proven methodologies and best practices that are based on a scan of how successful companies worldwide have approached similar problems and opportunities. The process minimizes risk and ensures strategic options are arrived with a fact based methodology.


Competitive Dimension: Integrating diverse products, services, consumers, vendors, partners, R&D and product support services can be daunting.But a great strategy is an aggregation of numerous compartmentalized stratgies that are scalable and ladder up to a broader corporate and business strategy. The corporate mission is a critical influencer of all strategies across levels and functional areas.



Find out your organization’s¬†performance against a benchmark of 500 of North America’s most successful organizations. Contact us for an evaluation of your corporate strategy and an ROI audit.