Strategy Planning Models – Scenario Planning

The key to our consulting services is our ability to integrate our know-how in functional areas with our deep industry knowledge in Strategy Planning Models – Scenario Planning. Click on the strategy models below to learn more.




This approach might be used in conjunction with other models to ensure planners truly
undertake strategic thinking. The model may be useful, particularly in identifying
strategic issues and goals.

  1. Select several external forces and imagine related changes which might influence the organization, e.g., change in regulations, demographic changes, etc. Scanning the newspaper for key headlines often suggests potential changes that might effect the organization.
  2. For each change in a force, discuss three different future organizational scenarios (including best case, worst case, and OK/reasonable case) which might arise with the organization as a result of each change. Reviewing the worst-case scenario often provokes strong motivation to change the organization.
  3. Suggest what the organization might do, or potential strategies, in each of the three scenarios to respond to each change.
  4. Planners soon detect common considerations or strategies that must be addressed to respond to possible external changes.
  5. Select the most likely external changes to effect the organization, e.g., over the next three to five years, and identify the most reasonable strategies the organization can undertake to respond to the change.


Balanced Score Card

Strategy is all About Implementation. The Arcus approach is all about Implementation. A Balanced Scorecard can only have value if it is linked to the organizations Strategic Direction. Read more.




  • Boost current revenue streams.
  • Mine current services for new revenue opportunities.
  • Develop new services with revenue-building potential.
  • Cultivate new sources of revenue.

Operational Efficiencies

  • Reverse losses.
  • Enhance the ratio of revenue to cost.
  • Reallocate resources.
  • Invest in key programs and people.
  • Streamline operations


  • Create volume-building programs.
  • Drive up customer satisfaction.
  • Secure funding for winning programs.


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