Evaluating Success and Governance Models

Evaluating Success and Governance ModelsArcus follows leading edge practices for Evaluating Success & Governance Models or moving an existing process to a far higher level of success. What’s the overall health and effectiveness of your organization? How well do your programs, services and activities meet your members’ needs? Which programs are worth keeping? Dropping? Fixing? The firm has a variety of in-depth evaluation tools that can be used to assess key aspects of your organization.


Evaluating Success and Governance Models

Performance Assessments provide an in-depth review of organizational practices and trends. These might include an assessment of areas such as sources of revenue, allocation of expenses, analysis of staff competencies, or utilization of staff resources. Using our Model of Association Infrastructure (which considers key elements such as stakeholders, governance, program staff and volunteer workforce structures, financial information and knowledge flow), we help your group craft an organizational strategy—defining changes in structure and work processes that will be needed to implement your strategic plan.


Strategic Program Analysis assesses current programs, services and activities based on three key criteria: Program Attractiveness—the degree to which the program, service, or activity is attractive as a basis for current and future resource investment; Competitive Position—the degree to which your organization is in a strong position to support the program; and Alternative Coverage—other places seeming to meet the same needs. Program Analysis creates a rational basis for difficult decisions about growth, or divestment. It also enables an organization to more confidently project its future program folio and define the capabilities it will require to sustain indispensable relevance.


Organizational Planning


What does a successful future look like for your organization? What are the best steps to take when setting direction to ensure that changes will actually be adopted? What research is required to understand current and future needs and perceptions?


Strategic Planning is a key building block for any organization—designed to guide you through the development of a comprehensive and cohesive vision and strategy. Setting short term and long term objectives. Linking your core ideology and envisioned future to strategic business planning. Integrating an ongoing process to incorporate strategic thinking and planning into key decision making systems. And creating an action plan to overcome key obstacles and achieve successful outcomes.


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