Development of Competency Profiles

We have selected the following examples of our recent work to illustrate various aspects of our experience that mirror or are similar to the requirements of Competency Profile projects. Below is a sample from over 200 market, NOS and other engagements.

  • CARIBCERT  Front Desk Agent Standards are an example of our work with “core” standards and additional occupation-specific competencies.
  • Team Leader standards developed for Contact Centre Canada are an example of Occupational Analysis combined with a DACUM.
  • CSC Bulldozer Operator Occupational Standards are another example of National Occupational Standards.
  • Gap Analysis Report is the final report of a recent gap analysis we conducted for Contact Centre Canada comparing both industry training and an institutional program against the CCC NOS .
  • National Occupational Standard for Event Co-ordinator was a project for the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council.



Occupational Standards

Occupational Standards, Labour Market, Skills Assessments and Certification Models

Occupational Standards, Labour Market, Skills Assessments and Certification ModelsArcus has substantial experience with Sector Councils and the challenges of the skills trade transition that many industries are facing.Two Sector councils engaged Arcus this year to provide long term pro-active workforce development and manage Occupational Standards, Skills Training change management and human resources consulting services. The objectives of the projects involve stakeholder relations and integrating messages to increase impact with stakeholder groups with diverse interests.

The State of Apprenticeship Programs in Canada: Arcus has worked with clients in various sectors who are anxious to see an increase in the number of skilled and certified trades workers available to them.  They would prefer to see Canadian trained workers in these roles and Canadian governments express a desire to improve access but still potential workers who try to enroll in apprenticeship programs face long waiting lists. While demand is there – from those who want to train and those who want to hire – funding for training has not met up with demand. Read more.