Arcus Change Management Methodology

Effective management of the people dimension of change requires managing five key goals that form the basis of the AIKAR model:

1. Awareness of the need for change. Spend time upfront to share what the change is and why your business needs to make it. Cite marketplace information or customer drivers that are bringing this change. When you know more details, share what is changing (and what is not) across the organization, at the department level, and with specific jobs.

2. Interest in making the change happen. When individuals are forced to change, resistance often follows. Conversely, if individuals want to make a change happen, the path to implement it is smoother and more efficient. Creating a compelling vision of the future and identifying consequences of not changing for the company and individuals helps to build this desire to change.

This stage is the most emotional for employees. Managers cannot always use reason or logic to get people to desire to change. Direct managers have the most influence over this step. They should meet often with staff to answer questions and listen to concerns. Getting employees involved in planning or implementing the change can also create desire for the change.

3. Knowledge about how to change. Once employees know the change and have an interest in making it happen, they are ready to learn new skills and behaviours. Identify the desired skills and behaviours, and study the current skill level. By focusing on the gap between the current and future state, you will understand the scope of your training efforts.

4. Ability to implement new skills and behaviours. As individuals implement new skills and practice new behaviours, give them time and support. Ensure they have a “safe” environment to practice. Reinforce correct behaviour and redirect what is not. Coaching, feedback, and mentoring are critical in reinforcing the new skills. Be patient and supportive.

5. Reinforcement to sustain the change. Don’t forget this stage when you roll out the change. Celebrate successes and recognize achievements. Evaluate your performance review process to determine whether adjustments should be made. Review your policies, procedures, and practices to ensure they support the future desired state.

Client Success- Transformational Change project

The challenge from the client: Due to a more intensely competitive environment and industry the client is experiencing a mismatch between the way the organization needs to operate and the culture that exists within to support this way of working. There was therefore a need to look carefully at elements of the culture that should be retained and built upon and those which needed to be influenced and changed over time.

How can we help?

Please review our services below. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact Arcus. We would be pleased to discuss your project. Often change management requires a combination of numerous services including culture, appreciative inquiry, capacity and strategy planning, etc.

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