Arcus Sustainability Matrix

Arcus Sustainability Matrix: Do you know your company’s carbon footprint? Is your company prepared for a substantial escalation in operating costs due to new regulatory frameworks and carbon trading legislation? Please contact us for a presentation of key findings to your organization.

The Arcus Sustainability Matrix will provide companies with a benchmark to evaluate their risk and cost exposure against 2000 companies in 36 industries.The Risk Matrix provides a comprehensive analysis of extreme, moderate and low risk industries.  It has four categories: (1) Processes; (2) Action; (3) Performance; and (4) Impact. Each category contains specific metrics, resulting in 35 data points for each industry.
The Arcus Sustainability Matrix is based upon the methodology deployed in our proprietary Corporate Sustainability Scorecard. For the Arcus Sustainability Matrix, climate change-specific indicators have been developed, drawing upon metrics published in the 2006 Corporate Governance and Climate Change report commissioned by CERES and performed by the Investor Responsibility Research Centre (IRRC), the GSEES Index – Climate Change created by Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research (2004), and the questionnaire developed by the Carbon Disclosure Project Initiative.

Extreme Risk Industries

Companies falling in the extreme risk segment of the Arcus Sustainability Matrix are in urgent need of some of the basic building blocks necessary to strategically address the issue.


Moderate Risk Industries

Once the building blocks are in place, companies can begin to manage their impacts and performance in a meaningful way. This will generally involve creating a climate change action plan that goes above and beyond intensity targets.


Low Risk Industries

Those companies ranking in the high end of the Arcus Sustainability Matrix have a unique opportunity to move the sector further along the path towards sustainability.