Management Advice from the Greatest Minds

Management Advice for 2019 from the Greatest Minds. Stories and words of wisdom to inspire: Arcus surveyed 455 senior executives to learn more about how they run their businesses and how they keep people motivated. This monthly management wisdom series of the Arcus View from the Top and Arcus Innovation Roadmap provides executives with ideas and insights on how they can improve their personal and organization’s performance. The series covers a number of topics including the path to success, staying motivated, engaging employees, getting inspired and more. and more. Insights from leaders are also drawn from secondary research from leaders on ideas such as commitment and authenticity.

Managing Growth

  • First simplify a problem. Then ask yourself what are the possible scenarios to view the problem through different lenses. How would someone you admire approach the problem?
  • One philosophies is to believe in continuous improvement – of self, departments, teams and organizations. There is always room to improve, to learn, to embrace change and inspire others.
  • Build not just your human capital but also invest in building relationships over time to become more productive and also engage with people and embrace technology.
  • Success depends on a capacity to know what you don’t know– the known unknowns. It is difficult to control the unknown unknowns but it is certainly possible to invest time in identifying unknowns and learning more about them. A good dose of humility will increase the capacity to accept shortcomings.
  • Operate on instinct when it is impossible to get all the information required to make a decisions. Sometimes, it is better to act before you have all the information, where time is of the essence, rather than wait because the train would have left the station by then.  
  • Work with people not around them when push back is experienced. Seek to be challenged and also challenge others. This is how people grow and learn from each other. A good sense of teamwork always leads to better outcomes.
  • Increase your awareness and your peripheral vision into areas that go well beyond daily priorities. It enriches people and organizations allowing for more creative thinking and discovery.
  • Seek agents of change who hold strong beliefs regarding a range of topics. This will allow teams to be galvanized to seek better pathways to solve problems.  
  • Learn to accept your uniqueness and not mitigate it to fit in. Sometimes a unique attribute can enrich people all around you way beyond what one would believe possible. Because in our differences is a rich tapestry that weaves us together for a greater good.
  • Resilience and faith are often undervalued by individuals and organizations. Often determination is all that stands between success and failure. A set of beliefs regarding an outcome can be an incredibly motivating factor in achieving success.