Innovation and Insight- Books for business leaders

Innovation and Insight- Books for business leaders

Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies – 4th edition
Tim Koller, Marc Goedhart, David Wessels, 2005 – 4th edition
The Power of Productivity
William W. Lewis, 2004
To bring wealth to developing economies, countries need to look to a powerful asset: the consumer. The new book provides practical guidelines to help developing nations become productive, competitive, and stable societies in the global economy.
The Price Advantage
Michael Marn, Eric Roegner, and Craig Zawada, 2004
In this new book, McKinsey partners contend that pricing is the fastest and most overlooked way for companies to boost profits. The Price Advantage shows the keys to unlocking the multiple percentage points of pricing opportunity available in most companies today.
Achieving Excellence in Retail Banking
Reinhold Leichtfuß, 2003
Research uncovers best practices among leading retail bankers. Topping the list is the effort by senior executives to build a strong performance culture and a world-class sales function.
Banking in Asia: Acquiring a Profit Mindset
Tab Bowers, Greg Gibb, and Jeffrey Wong, 2003
This book points out six emerging trends beneath the chaotic surface of Asia’s retail banking sector that are the seeds of growth. But uncertainty is high and leaders will need to plot a careful course to reap the benefits.


Capitalist China: Strategies for a Revolutionized Economy
Jonathan Woetzel, 2003
In his latest book, Jonathan Woetzel argues that China’s reforms have hit the point of no return and companies that understand their markets can thrive.


Dangerous Markets: Managing in Financial Crises
Dominic Barton, Roberto Newell, and Gregory Wilson, 2002
Through real-world case studies and professional perspectives, this book will show you how to anticipate and manage a financial crisis, as well as how to prosper during chaotic times.


Knowledge Unplugged
Jürgen Kluge, Wolfram Stein, and Thomas Licht, 2002
This book explores strategies for preserving and building corporate knowledge based on a 2-year study of 40 major companies.


20/20 Foresight: Crafting Strategy in an Uncertain World
Hugh Courtney, 2001
Based on a review of the common strategy challenges faced by over one hundred leading companies, Hugh Courtney reveals how executives can develop “20/20 foresight” – a view of the future that separates what can be known from what can’t.


Creative Destruction: Why Companies That Are Built to Last Underperform the Market – and How to Successfully Transform Them
Richard Foster and Sarah Kaplan, 2001
Foster and Kaplan’s review of 1,000 top companies yields a radical new approach to business – one that involves continual reinvention.
Value Creation: Strategies for the Chemical Industry
Florian Budde, Gary A. Farha, Heiner Frankmölle, David F. Hoffmeister, and Konstantin Kräm, 2001
McKinsey consultants offer their collective wisdom on creating and maintaining value in today’s chemical industry, with lessons applicable to other industries as well.
The War for Talent
Ed Michaels, Helen Handfield-Jones, and Beth Axelrod, 2001
The War for Talent argues that the pressure to manage talent effectively and actively is as critical today as it was in the frenetic 1990s.
The Alchemy of Growth: Practical Insights for Building the Enduring Enterprise
Mehrdad Baghai, Stephen Coley, and David White, 1999
Lessons from 30 of the most successful growth companies on navigating the difficult challenges of growth.
Net Worth: Shaping Markets When Customers Make the Rules
John Hagel and Marc Singer, 1999
Born in the dot-com boom, Net Worth and its companion book, Net Gain, detailed the prerequisites for on-line success and the ways to achieve it.
Race for the World
Lowell Bryan, Jane Fraser, Jeremy Oppenheim, and Wilhelm Rall, 1999
The authors argue to explain that business leaders need to understand strategic globalization – ensuring businesses operate in the whole world – is critical in today’s economy.
Say It with …
Gene Zelazny, 1999
McKinsey’s director of visual communications has written two books that synthesize learning based on 20 years of experience in making and designing effective presentations.
Net Gain: Expanding Markets Through Virtual Communities
John Hagel and Arthur Armstrong, 1997
Born in the dot-com boom, Net Gain and its companion book, Net Worth, detailed the prerequisites for on-line success and the ways to achieve it.
Real Change Leaders
Jon R. Katzenbach and the RCL Team, 1997
Detailed examples and explanations reveal how new directions can be achieved by adopting the principles of “real change leaders”.
The Will to Lead
Marvin Bower, 1997
Our firm’s most influential partner offers a lifetime’s worth of reflections on the qualities that constitute true leadership.
In Search of Excellence
Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman, Jr., 1982
Acknowledged as a watershed in business thinking, Excellence dissected America’s most successful companies and shed light on their shared reverence for innovation and inclusion.


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