Job Evaluation consulting services

Job Evaluation consulting services

Job evaluation consulting services are offered by human resources and compensation experts to help organizations assess and determine the relative value and compensation levels of specific job positions within the company. These services are crucial for establishing equitable pay structures, ensuring that jobs are properly classified, and managing compensation programs effectively. Here are the key components and services provided by job evaluation consultants:

Job Analysis: Consultants begin by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the job to be evaluated. This involves gathering information about the job’s duties, responsibilities, qualifications, skills, and other relevant factors.

Job Documentation: Consultants help organizations create accurate and up-to-date job descriptions that clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each job position.

Job Evaluation Methodology: Consultants assist organizations in selecting an appropriate job evaluation methodology or system. Various methodologies are available, including point-factor systems, ranking methods, and classification systems, which help assess the relative worth of jobs. Market Research: Consultants conduct market research to collect data on compensation and benefits for comparable job positions in the industry or region. This external benchmarking ensures that the organization’s pay scales remain competitive.

Internal Equity Analysis: Job evaluation consultants assess the internal equity of job positions within the organization. This involves comparing jobs within the company to determine their relative value and importance.

Compensation Review: Consultants help organizations assess the compensation and benefits packages associated with specific job positions. This includes considering base salaries, bonuses, incentives, and other compensation components.

Pay Grade Assignment: Based on the results of the evaluation, consultants assign pay grades or salary ranges to each job position. This helps ensure consistency and fairness in compensation structures.

Salary Structure Development: Consultants assist in developing or refining the overall salary structure for the organization. This structure should align with the results of the job evaluation and the organization’s compensation philosophy.

Legal Compliance: Consultants ensure that the job evaluation process and resulting compensation structures comply with local, national, and international labor laws and regulations. Communication and Stakeholder Engagement: Consultants may help organizations communicate the results of the job evaluation to employees and other stakeholders. This can involve addressing questions and concerns and ensuring transparency in the process.

Periodic Review: Job positions and their values can change over time, so consultants often recommend periodic reviews and updates to maintain the accuracy and fairness of the job evaluation system.

Customized Solutions: Job evaluation consulting services are tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each organization. The specific factors and criteria used in the evaluation are customized to align with the organization’s unique circumstances and industry standards.

Job evaluation consulting services are essential for organizations to establish fair and competitive compensation structures, attract and retain top talent, and ensure that employees are appropriately compensated based on the value of their contributions. They also help organizations maintain internal equity and external competitiveness in the labor market.

Service coverage

The variety, breadth, and depth of the projects where Arcus can be a resource are made unique by each client’s specific needs. By providing a very small sample of projects we’ve completed, we can help you understand how and when to use our services. Visit the links below to find out more about a specific problem or opportunity you would like to address.

Below is a sample of the range of services that Arcus has provided to clients.

  • A survey of 2,350 consumers and 1,320 business leaders for feedback on sustainability trends
  • Architecting a multi-year change strategy for a Fortune 500 company
  • Mentoring a CEO on organizational change
  • Excellence transformation of a leading B2B services company
  • Creating a new sales deployment model for a healthcare company
  • Developing a position evaluation and compensation model for a professional medical association   
  • Improving services to customer segments by deepening their understanding of customer attitudes

“Arcus manages to consistently deliver tangible results on market research and strategy projects. They combine deep business expertise, powerful research capabilities, and innovative thinking to deliver substantial value.”

– Vice President, Nikon