Leading Through Change

Change and Leadership workshops and retreats

Are you looking to inspire and motivate your teams with best practices in change management, strategic planning and leadership?

Arcus offers a curated series of Change and Leadership workshops and retreats for clients.

Customized for your knowledge and training needs

These are half day to 2 day workshops for teams customized based on topics and positions within your organization. This means that the solution is specifically developed for your needs and challenges.

Change is a constant. And yet many people react to change with denial or resistance. As a change agent, your ability to help people overcome their reactions and get onboard with new initiatives is critical to your success. In this informal discussion with your team, you’ll gain practical tools that will enable you to manage reactions to change and communicate in a manner that inspires followership and optimal productivity through any change initiative.

How You Will Benefit
  • Understand your role as a change leader
  • Get clear on your own reaction to change as well as the reaction of those you work with
  • Appreciate why others may react negatively to change and how best to respond
  • Adapt your communication style to gain buy-in and support from other​s toward change initiatives
  • Increase the readiness to embrace change and overcome resistance in your work environment
  • Begin establishing your reputation within your organization as one that can manage change and demonstrates agility and resilience
  • Embrace or reconcile the reality of change, address and decrease anxiety, and concentrate on productivity and results
  • Set a positive example for colleagues or direct reports when handling significant changes in the workplace
Ask me anything (AMA) discussion
  • Self-assessment that will give you insight into how you react to change
  • Practical case scenarios to apply your new change management skills
  • Job aids to ensure you have the tools to apply your learning back in your work environment
Who Should Attend

Supervisors, Team Leaders and Managers responsible for implementing change initiatives within their organization.


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