Organizational Review and Design

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A comprehensive Organizational Review involves an analysis of the organizational structure in relation to corporate departmental and staff responsibilities and workload.

Organizational Review and Design: A Complete Guide

A review generally requires the identification of options and development of recommendations that will ensure efficiency and effectiveness in meeting current and anticipated (5-10 years) service delivery requirements and to provide for implementation of strategic priorities.

Organization design and development both look to raise performance and lower costs. There may be different pathways adopted that lead to different outcomes.

Most organizations understand that it involves a review of structures, roles and processes aligned with the strategy and goals of the organization and is usually conducted every three to five years. On the other hand, organizational development is more of a concept of continuous improvement to align capabilities with capacity for change by developing staff and systems. The long term evolution of an organization to sustained improvements in performance delivers greater returns in the long term.

Should you consider Design Or Development?

It depends on a number of factors, some of which are listed below:

  1. Has there been a notable erosion of productivity or morale in the organization?
  2. Have there been significant new hires or resignations in teh recent past?
  3. Have new products or services been introduced recently by the organization?
  4. Have two or more organizations merged and has this resulted in some level of disruption in the operations of the merged entity?

Questions like these that involve substantial and urgent attention will usually provide an organization with some direction on whether an organizational design or development strategy would be more appropriate.

How can we help?

Please review our services below. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact Arcus. We would be pleased to discuss your project. Often change management requires a combination of numerous services including culture, appreciative inquiry, capacity and strategy planning, etc.

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