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The increasingly complex and fragmented influencer of building brands is becoming a priority for senior management at our clients. Brand strategy consulting firms need to recognize that nurturing brand value is integral to strengthening assets on a balance sheet and increasing profitability of clients. Companies with strong brands earn substantially higher returns that their competitors. Our research indicates that these companies can deliver ROI as high as 10% above their competitors.

Brand Strategy and Innovation
An interview with Mr. Geoff Craig, VP & GM, Brand Building, Unilever. Mr. Craig argues that leadership is about having a vision for innovation and creating a framework for action around the vision to allow partners and employees to pioneer new ways of working. Read more.

Strong Brands, Integrated Solutions
Arcus works with companies to strengthen profitability and accelerate revenue growth. We focus on a proprietary process to identify a brand’s most profitable customers and prospects. Integrating these strategies with overall business priorities is critical to ensure that brand priorities ladder up and support the overall corporate strategic goals.

Customer engagement
An interview with Marilee Harris, Director of Marketing, Digital Security Controls Ltd. (Tyco International). Ms. Harris argues that innovation leadership is about knowing your customer base, their needs and wants and being prepared to engage them. Read more.

We combine a fact based approach with a creative process with innovative approaches that are unique to each client engagement. We provide end to end services to address branding opportunities.

Brand strategic planning:

Through our brand matrix, we will identify the strengths and weaknesses of brands. Based on the analysis, we will identify growth opportunities by understanding the profile and needs of a brands most profitable customers. We will work with the client to optimize the organizational structure and talent base to deliver superior and long term growth. We integrate key elements on our approach to increase revenue and profitability.

Marketing spending efficiency and effectiveness:

Today leaders at companies expect more for less. Corporate priorities and increasing pressures for growth have resulted in an imbalance between cuts and brand performance. A strategic approach to brand building requires proven methodologies to identify ways to invest in brands and yet reduce costs. We have helped reduce costs by up to 30% and increase revenue by up to 40% by applying some basic principles for building brands.

Portfolio performance:

Brand management has become severely compartmentalized. As a result, brands do not leverage synergies across brands in a portfolio. The approach is eroding brand value and overall brand portfolio performance. Optimizing a brand portfolio can increase portfolio revenue by 15-30%. Our approach to manage portfolios effectively has delivered substantial revenue growth on our clients businesses.

The key to our consulting services is our ability to integrate our know-how in functional areas with our deep industry knowledge in Strategy Planning Models – “Organic” (or Self-Organizing) Planning. Click on the strategy models below to learn more.

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