Goal-based or issue-based strategic planning model

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Organizations that begin with the “basic” planning approach described above, often evolve to using this more comprehensive and more effective type of planning. The following table depicts a rather straightforward view of this type of planning process.


Summary of Issue-Based (or Goal-Based) Strategic Planning

  1. External/internal assessment to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  2. Strategic analysis to identify and prioritize major issues/goals
  3. Design major strategies (or programs) to address issues/goals
  4. Design/update vision, mission and values
  5. Establish action plans
  6. Record issues, goals, strategies/programs, mission and vision, and action plans.
  7. Develop the yearly Operating Plan document (from year one of the multi-year strategic plan)
  8. Develop and authorize Budget for year one(allocation of funds needed to fund year one)
  9. Conduct the organization’s year-one operations
  10. Monitor/review/evaluate/update Strategic Plan document


Balanced Score Card

Strategy is all About Implementation. The Arcus approach is all about Implementation. A Balanced Scorecard can only have value if it is linked to the organizations Strategic Direction. Read more.




  • Boost current revenue streams.
  • Mine current services for new revenue opportunities.
  • Develop new services with revenue-building potential.
  • Cultivate new sources of revenue.

Operational Efficiencies

  • Reverse losses.
  • Enhance the ratio of revenue to cost.
  • Reallocate resources.
  • Invest in key programs and people.
  • Streamline operations


  • Create volume-building programs.
  • Drive up customer satisfaction.
  • Secure funding for winning programs.


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