Interim management services

Interim Management Services TorontoAs businesses strive to cut costs and improve efficiencies, the demand for interim executives has grown to meet requirements of unique skill sets for short and long term positions. This has resulted in a major transition in the way companies recruit and manage their talent. Finding the right professional for a position in your organization can be a difficult and time consuming challenges. Arcus can help you assess positions, identify and recruit the most relevant candidates for your organization.


Companies are now realizing that there are significant benefits to hiring for short term projects or to fill a position that requires a unique set of skills. There is also a growing market for experienced executives who regard interim assignments as a  flexible, challenging and realistic career option. These gaps are often created by a retiring or absent executive, or support senior-level positions with expertise to lead strategic projects and initiatives. Interim executives come in and make a difference immediately because of their depth of experience.


Interim management services


Interim management servicesArcus provides contract based executive assistance to address the most challenging business issues faced by organizations. Arcus has access to top talent- executives who have successfully led departments, initiatives, or even comparable organizations. Our approach to screening, assessment and placement of the right candidates in interim positions can make the difference between success and failure.

An integral part of remaining competitive in business today is to be flexible and find the right skills for specific business situations, challenges and  initiatives.With the demand for change and agility, and the need to respond to market shifts quickly, interim executives fill this need efficiently and cost effectively. An experienced executive can be hired quickly and can be invaluable in a situation that requires leadership in organizational change and to manage critical issue.


Senior executive expertise


Arcus’s approach to interim solutions is to define the competency requirements based on a 250 point evaluation system and then provide a range of options to fill positions- these may be in a supporting or leadership role, for a short or relatively longer tenure and in a range of specialized planning and management skill areas such as finance, environment, engineering, marketing, sales, human resources and  channel management. The key considerations include:

  • Developing a needs assessment framework to define the specific expertise required for new management positions
  • Defining deliverables for positions based on best-practice standards
  • Expertise to manage and lead positions that require new business units or lines of business
  • Divestiture of businesses, units or assets
  • Managing and optimizing business units which require unique skills
  • Augment value creation, asset optimization and human resource potential


Arcus Interim includes:


  • National network of flexible transition management of talent at short notice
  • A network of senior executives who are  committed to interim work
  • Placement of interim management in all relevant disciplines in business, government and not-for-profit sectors
  • Capacity to to pre-qualify, interim executive candidates within 2-5 days for all positions- efficient recruitment process with very short lead times
  • Comprehensive candidate selection and assessment process to define requirements related to experience, skills, corporate culture
  • Integrated working relationship during and after the candidate selection process when the selected candidate takes on the assignment to ensure a successful completion of the engagement
  • Participation of senior leadership team strategy planning and change management
  • The Client has ready access to a diverse and experienced set of specialized expertise aligned with the organization’s performance requirements
  • Significant ROI and full cost recovery program that will deliver potential financial gains will in excess of program costs


The senior management functions at your organization serve critical roles related to marketing, finance, administration, operations and strategy. Businesses need the capacity to react quickly to market changes with the right talent. Those that don’t may face pressure from private equity, lenders, board members and other stakeholders. Arcus offers two effective solutions to fill this gap: Interim management to give you access to seasoned professionals from your industry for short term requirements such as to bridge the unexpected departure of an existing resource/retirement or for longer periods that require extended support.


If your organization needs to upgrade its capabilities, Arcus can source experienced senior talent for VP, CFO, CEO, CMO, director positions in many functional areas. We would act as a trusted resource to shareholders, directors, management and the CEO.


Contact us to discuss a change management plan to transform your organization or for a complimentary presentation on a business problem your team would like to solve.