Leadership Lessons Learned

Lessons on leadership: Arcus Innovation Leaders Series. Below are some pivotal lessons on leadership that can help business leaders manage, lead and inspire teams.


Leadership Lessons Learned


1. Lead by example from the front of the formation. Take your performance personally if you are proud to be average, so too will be your team.


2. A leader must provide a vision clear and achievable big ideas combined in a strategic concept and communicate those ideas throughout the entire organization and to all other stakeholders.


3. A leader needs to give energy; don’t be an oxygen thief.


4. There is an exception to every rule, standard operating procedure, and policy; it is up to leaders to determine when exceptions should be made and to explain why they made them.


5. We all will make mistakes. The key is to recognize them and admit them, to learn from them, and to take off the rear view mirrors. Drive on and avoid making them again.


6. Be humble. The people you’ll be leading already have on-the-ground conflict experience. Listen and learn.


7. Be a team player. Your teams triumphs and failures will, obviously, be yours. Take ownership of both.


8. Don’t rely on rank. If you rely on rank, rather than on the persuasiveness of your logic, the problem could be you and either your thinking or your communication skills. Likewise, sometimes the best ideas come from bottom-up information sharing (i.e., Need to share not Need to know). Use directed telescopes to improve situational awareness.


9. Leaders should be thoughtful but decisive. Listen to subordinates input, evaluate courses of action and second- and third-order effects, but be OK with an 80 percent solution. There will be many moments when all eyes turn to you for a decision. Be prepared for them. Don’t shrink from them. Embrace them. Sometimes the best move is the bold move.


10. Stay fit to fight. Your body is your ultimate weapons system. Physical fitness for your body is essential for mental fitness.


11. The only thing better than a little competition is a lot of competition. Set challenges for your subordinates to encourage them to excel.


12. Everyone on the team is mission critical. Instill in your team members a sense of great self-worth that each, at any given time, can be the most important driver of success.

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