Mergers and Acquisitions Services

Strategic choices that protect the value of your enterprise.

  • Sales & Divestitures
  • Recapitalization services
  • Acquisition screening

Selling at the right time and structuring the right transaction are just as important as valuation. According to a recent study, in private company M&A transactions, 75% of sellers leave 75% of the value of their firm on the table. For buyers, the future potential of an acquisition is far more important than its past.


What’s the most effective, profitable way to transfer ownership of your enterprise or make a strategic acquisition? If you’re thinking about selling your business, it’s important to make the right choices that protect the value of your investments. You might need to locate a strategic buyer, pass the company to your family or management, or even go public.


Mergers and Acquisitions Services

Arcus’s Network can provide you with access to the expertise you will need to orchestrate a strategy for ideal results:

  •   An experienced industry specialist to negotiate the best deal possible
  •   Improve the value and marketability of your firm
  •   Tap into a network to manage the sale process

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Our services:


Sales & Divestitures: The decision to exit your business involves analyzing your financial goals, assessing various ownership options, and preserving the value of your investment in your business. AG will support your exit with strategic buyers and resources that can provide business sale, merger, acquisition, and recapitalization services.


Recapitalization services: Stabilize your company’s capital structure or improve its stock position with the help of recapitalization experts. These corporate finance and investment bankers, introduced by the AG Network, can help you borrow more effectively, leverage return on investment and boost shareholder value.


Acquisition screening: Identifying a strategic fit requires diligent research and a clearly articulated acquisition strategy. The approach needs to compliment the company growth strategy. In its M&A strategy, our approach is to first define a strategy for growth and to identify gaps within the growth strategy. It is only after due diligence at this step do we start a focused search to identify the right targets.


Our process includes:

  • Generate a robust list of targets
  • Screen targets based on a long term strategy
  • Develop a valuation for priority targets
  • Build a timeline and map for completion of the acquisition


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