Private Equity Consulting Services

Arcus offers institutional investors, growth oriented companies, principal investing and venture capital firms a broad range of consulting services. Our services are also offered to private equity portfolio companies. Arcus is a strategic partner of the Association for Corporate Growth.


An experienced industry specialist to negotiate the best deal possible

  • Improve the value and marketability of your firm
  • Tap into a network to manage the sale process
  • Finance your start up or explore an acquisition
  • Early stage VC Funding and Mentoring
  • Manage Strategy/Organization related issues


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Private Equity Consulting Services


We help private equity firms develop their strategies and optimize their organizational structures to deliver superior performance and shareholder value. We also offer business process optimization and integration solutions at each stage of the investment process.


Opportunity Scans and Growth Strategies: Our consultants analyze and target market opportunities and leverage these opportunities for products or service lines. We help private equity firms identify growth opportunities in diverse industries and quantify each opportunity’s potential.


Go-To-Market Strategy: We help portfolio companies optimize their value proposition and segmentation strategies, create indirect channels, and select relevant partners for marketing, sales, distribution, and operations. We also help establish effective pricing strategies for new services and products.


Deal Assessment and Due Diligence: Arcus performs strategic due diligence, evaluating product positioning and competitive threats and opportunities for private equity firms when they make acquisitions or invest. We also evaluate management capabilities, benchmark operational performance, customer and supplier engagement audits, and validation of business models and projections.


Cross-Portfolio Strategies: We help firms optimize the value of their portfolio by taking a broader cross-portfolio approach. Using in-depth diagnostics, we can identify strategic, organizational, operational, technological performance opportunities.


Positioning Portfolios: We help companies in initial market positioning or to reposition themselves with a thorough market assessment of growth opportunities and evaluation of assets and competitive landscapes. We also help with strategies to create new growth opportunities.


Organizational Effectiveness: High performance organizations are structured around opportunities of significant value and skill sets.  We also assess an organization’s employees, their skills and capabilities.


Product Development: By implementing disciplined approaches, our teams help portfolio companies strengthen the quality and productivity. We assess and optimize R&D efforts, and deliver strategic solutions to ensure pricing plans are market and customer driven.


Operations Optimization: Arcus benchmarks the performance of a company’s operations against the fastest growing companies in its industry. This enables us to establish best practices in the areas of growth and optimization. After creating an optimal business model, we formulate plans for improvement through integration of external partners and alliances.