Customer Satisfaction- Self Assessment Concept

Customer satisfaction programs for clients:

Customer Service Self Assessment & Reporting


The Arcus Customer Service Self Assessment tool allows organisations to review their customer service performance, identify areas of improvement and prepare an action plan to address any gaps preventing them from delivering customer service excellence.


Arcus strongly recommends the adoption of the Self Assessment process as a quarterly routine so as to assist organisations with continuous monitoring of their changing business environment and customer needs. Regular Self Assessment ensures the organisation remains competitive and up to date on its customers’ expectations.


Customer satisfaction- Self Assessment Concept



Arcus has developed the Online Customer Service Self Assessment Tool and provides free access to it for all organisations committed to improving their customer service performance.


Self Assessment Reporting and Analysis


Organisations that complete the Arcus Customer Service Self Assessment receive real-time reporting that allows them to identify their customer service strengths and weaknesses.  The report is broken down according to the 5P’s Service Quality model and provides the assessing organisation with a percentage score for each of the 5P’s, as well as a percentage score for the overall performance of the organisation.


An Arcus Customer Service Self Assessment report enables organisations to immediately identify which categories they are underperforming in. The above sample report stipulates that this organisation achieved an overall score of 54%, showing that the decreased performance in the Product/Service and Policy categories severely affects the organisation’s rating against The International Customer Service Standard.


Arcus offers a comprehensive suite of customer satisfaction planning, measurement and deployment services. These services range from Satisfaction Benchmark Programs to Ongoing Satisfaction Measurement Program. Please contact Merril Mascarenhas, Managing partnerfor more information at +1 (416) 710 2727 or by email.


Organizations are increasingly interested in retaining existing customers while targeting non-customers; easuring customer satisfaction provides an indication of how successful the organization is at providing products and/or services to the marketplace.


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