8-step Satisfaction Audit

Customer satisfaction programs for clients:

8-step Satisfaction Audit



The Arcus 8-step audit will ensure that your organisation stays focused on customer needs. Our research confirms that satisfying employees and customer can provide a sustainable competitive advantage.


Yet our research indicates that just 34% of organizatons have a coherent customer satisfaction process linked to operating strategies and plans. Most companies have elements of a total customer satisfaction process in place. The Arcus audit includes important tools to manage the customer satisfaction process and is an ideal business tool for any organization setting out to analyse and improve customer satisfaction levels.


The audit begins by establishing benchmarks for satisfaction then analyses why a company is failing to satisfy their customers and sets out the Arcus Excellence Framework – within which an organization an develop and implement an effective customer service program.


The audit sets out questions that you will ask at each of the eight stages of the Arcus Excellence framework:

  1. Understand customer needs
  2. Assess current capabilities
  3. Assess competitors’ capabilities
  4. Identify gaps in performance
  5. Identify options to gain strategic advantage in products and services
  6. Analyse cost optimization opportunities
  7. Define service dimensions
  8. Structure the company’s offering and set performance targets


Overall, the audit will help clients to:

  • Understand and define key drivers of satisfaction
  • Analyse current capabilities
  • Assess competitors’ capabilities
  • Measure gaps between a company’s capabilities and customers’ needs
  • Identify options for gaining strategic service advantage
  • Assess costs, benefits, risks and trade-offs
  • Develop new strategies, prioritise initiatives and deploy resources
  • Structure product and service offerings
  • Define realistic goals

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