Non-profit sector Consulting Services

Diversity & Inclusion Consulting Services

Non-profit sector Consulting Services- Governance, Fundraising, strategy planning and performance improvement. Arcus is a one-stop consulting service for non-profit organizations. Our Philanthropy Practice works with foundations and non-profits to address a range of social issues facing the world today. Learn more about our services for the non-profit sector, including Governance, Fundraising, strategy planning and performance improvement. Read a sample of a donor engagement analysis, based on Arcus Fundraising Donor Clusters. We pride ourselves in being practitioners as well as analysts and we can help a client from start to finish, and from a broad strategic focus right down to day-to-day operations related to change management, strategic planning, governance and fundraising.

“Needless to say, there are many firms that provide research and strategy consulting services, but few can deliver the value demonstrated in performing the scope of analysis, strategies, product evaluations and practical recommendations. Your commitment and ease of doing business with your firm ensured that we had a sound basis to address our most challenging business decisions.” – Mr. Peter Flattery, CEO, Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada

Non-profit sector Consulting Services

We often help organizations with their business planning cycles and in the development of strategic plans. Our work covers the full range of our consultants skills, including growth, organization and operations for non-profits and non-governmental organizations. Our firm policy encourages our consultants to devote up to 10% of their time to pro bono work. Each year, we honor two firm consultants who have distinguished themselves through their pro bono work.

Governance- Strategies to improve Board Performance

Arcus interviewed 65 board directors of non-profit organizations to identify the key barriers to strengthening board performance. Most directors are interested in spending more time on strategic planning and in steering the direction of the organization. These areas will require a greater level of involvement and time commitment of board members. However., there is agreement that optimizing the time spent by board members towards more high impact areas is a key to better performance, for example, a greater focus on longer term imperatives that could support the success of the organization is an area of interest. Read more
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Strategic Planning Processes

Concepts and strategy: Our approach is to first use our collective experience to come up with 15-20 provocative concepts for a strategy. These are based on a series of questions that probe various topics and drivers of change. The outcome of the process is used to build several strategic maps to define and strengthen each hypothesis for a strategy.

Corporate and Business Unit Strategy: We apply proven methodologies and best practices that are based on a scan of how successful companies worldwide have approached similar problems and opportunities. The process minimizes risk and ensures strategic options are arrived with a fact based methodology.

Competitive Dimension: Integrating diverse products, services, consumers, vendors, partners, R&D and product support services can be daunting. But a great strategy is an aggregation of numerous compartmentalized strategies that are scalable and ladder up to a broader corporate and business strategy. The corporate mission is a critical influencer of all strategies across levels and functional areas.

Pro-bono Services

Our pro bono commitment is a key part of who we are as a firm and is an important part of why many of our consultants choose to work with Arcus.  While many consulting firms have upgraded their pro bono programs in recent years, we have shown a sustained level of commitment that very few can match.

  • Strategic planning
  • Business plans
  • Governance
  • Operations optimization

Performance improvement: Arcus has one of the world’s leading consulting pro bono programs. Doing pro bono work has been a core value of Arcus Consulting Group since the firm’s inception. Arcus has provided more than 400 days of management consultancy to charities and NGOs on a pro bono basis in the last year. Arcus has strengthened its commitment to pro bono support in the past year making expert, independent advice even more accessible. Our commitment to pro bono is as broad as it is deep. We have no single “signature” project—our program is as diverse as the interests of our consultants and our commitment to delivering superior value to our clients.

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