Arcus Healthcare Data and Market Insight Services

Health information, Local Expertise, Market and data analytics. Arcus has a unique combination of health information, market and data analytics, and consulting services to meet the need of the healthcare marketplace. Arcus has extensive data sources, including ministries of health, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, retail pharmacies and long-term care facilities in North America.

Arcus tracks over 200 trended data points including pharmaceutical sales, health conditions, dispensed prescriptions, diagnostic equipment sales and modalities. We also capture information directly from our panel of patients. Insights from our market intelligence provide our clients with unprecedented access to trends that directly impact their P&L, revenue growth and business performance.

Featured research

Key Emerging Trends in Canada’s Health Sector: A summary of the latest research from Arcus on healthcare systems change management and performance improvement.

Our services

Market intelligence: We provide data on 56 health conditions, brands being prescribed, market shares of these brands and emerging trends and practices related to treatment regimens.

Patient Disease and Treatment Trends: Arcus provides monthly tracking data on 56 health conditions and disease states with geographic and demographic segmentation down to the zip code/postal code level.

Health Conditions, Disease and Treatment Patterns: Arcus tracks emerging trends and practcies related to treatment regimens. The data provides in-market insights and metrics on physician and patient behaviors that influence prescribing decisions and marketing investments.
Market Measurement Services: Arcus offers flexible and customizable market segmentation analytics and data on growth and share of specialty products.

Market Segmentation: Arcus offers market segmentation analytics based on product lifecycle management variables that are flexible and customizable to meet the unique needs of to each organization to segment markets, including unprotected and generics.

Specialty products: Arcus offers data on the growth and share of specialty products that are filling company pipelines and driving growth.

Data Dashboards
  • Influence your businesses’ future growth plans by understanding consumer behaviour
  • Empower your decision-making with comprehensive, trusted data.
  • Gain actionable insights with access to real-time Canadian consumer, business and sector spending and location data.
  • Inform economic policy, investments, sales deployment and strategic plans by looking at trends across different industries and regions in Canada.