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The Great Fake Economy “Reopeni...

The Great Fake Economy “Reopening” and its Impact on our Collective Futures.

Several economies, including Ontario, have decided on a “phased” rollout to reopen their economies. Consider this. Northeast China ( right now is seeing another resurgence after they opened their economy and 100 million people are now subject to quarantine restrictions barely two weeks later. White papers from the Imperial College of London ( and MIT […]

Total compensation / total rewards st...

Total compensation / total rewards strategies

Arcus research indicates that the variable component of compensation is driving significant shifts in how talent is hired, engaged and retained. This means that compensation budgets are subject to major fluctuations depending on the overall performance of teams and the organization. As a result, it has become important for HR leaders to be much more […]

Do flex hours increase employee produ...

Do flex hours increase employee productivity?

Productivity improvement strategy: A compressed work week? Do flex hours increase employee productivity? An Arcus Human Capital survey indicates that 75 percent of employees in Canada want a better work-life balance. A four-day work week is gaining momentum in North America. Will a condensed work week result in higher employee satisfaction and productivity? An Arcus […]

Lead With Superior Strategies. Delive...

Lead With Superior Strategies. Deliver Better Results.

Arcus is a trusted advisor to clients. We understand that clients want small, nimble consulting teams of seasoned people who have years of knowledge and experience. And they want practical, highly targeted information and insights to address their needs. Arcus is a leading research and strategy consulting firm whose mission is to help senior management […]

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